Sunday, June 21, 2015

I slept 6.62 hours, checked in to 4 places, took 2 photos, wrote 2 microblogs, and walked 3.71 miles. I was in Mexico and The United States.

12:07 am

Post dance sweat selfie

12:55 am

Went to bed

1:09 am

Fell asleep

8:15 am

Woke up after sleeping 6.62 hours

10:29 am

Well that certainly set a high bar for destination weddings... and vacations in general.
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11:35 am

Checked in at Aeropuerto Internacional De Cancún (CUN), Benito Juárez Municipality, Quintana Roo

2:27 pm

Leaving this beautiful place

5:36 pm

Checked in at Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD), Rosemont, Illinois

7:02 pm

Happy father's day, dad!
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9:01 pm

Checked in at Des Moines International Airport (DSM), Des Moines, Iowa

9:55 pm

Checked in at The Broox Household, Ankeny, Iowa