June 25, 2014

I slept 8.5 hours, wrote 8 microblogs, walked 3.0 miles, and weighed 176.4 pounds. I was in Ankeny.

woke up after sleeping 8.5 hours
I'm excited that home automation is finally starting to get some legs... but it is still way too fragmented and cost prohibitive.
When you use words that end in OTUS, you sound like a douche. 4 comments
I think I am ready to own a watch. 4 comments
I think I am ready to own a new car. 1 comment
I am still not ready to own a TV
Just got a @PressyButton in the mail! I totally forgot I ordered this thing last ... summer. 1 comment
Just finished Jason DaSilva's Progressive MS film, "When I walk." It's on PBS for free if you're up for a heavy documentary.
I really regret not letting that woman in the Dominican Republic corn row my mullhawk.
went to bed
fell asleep

Listened to

Big Freedia, Riff Raff, Google I/O 2014, and Diplo