June 5, 2007

I wrote 1 blog and wrote 5 microblogs.

Heading to work
Mosso Sucks. I Need a New Host.
Family showed up. Skipping hockey - eating at ranallo's
finding out about ghostland observatory. apparently way after everyone else i tried to share it with. punks. thanks for sharing!
maybe another scotch. i need some money and a vaca. and by vaca i mean a cow.
Tired of my computer. What a waste of a night. Maybe bed time is now.

Listened to

Apparat, Ghostland Observatory, Soulwax, Muse, The Bloodhound Gang, Paul Bushnell, Tech N9ne, Mic Holden, Aaron Zigman, Lowd, The Sword, Miredys Peguero And Paul Bushnell, Lawrence Faljean, Paul Graham And Paul Bushnell, Lowd And Cassie Simone, and more...