Sunday, July 1, 2007

I took 14 photos and wrote 8 microblogs. I was in Charles City and Carrville, Iowa.

12:03 am

Meghan and Wiz

12:18 am

Chris and Ashley

12:43 am

Still partying. Weddings rule. Not sure how to get back to the hotel.

1:17 am

Just ordere 40 mcnuggets!!!!!!!!!!!!

2:26 am

We got in the pool!

2:26 am

Sweet Boxers
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2:29 am


2:33 am

Tara diving in in her dress

2:41 am

Tara and Dude

2:41 am

Before we talked them into swimming
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2:44 am

Courtney and Lindsey are both in!
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2:44 am

The only one left

2:44 am

"alright fine, you bitches!"
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2:50 am

Lindsey and I
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2:54 am

They're gonna do it!

11:09 am

Oy. Waking up in the beautiful town of charles city.

11:33 am

Breakfast at the back door restaurant.

12:20 pm

The Back Door Restaurant, Charles City, IA
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12:34 pm

Driving to cedar rapids

2:53 pm

Having lunch in cedar rapids.

5:11 pm

Heading back to dsm.

8:17 pm

just woke up from a nap. need food. probably skipping broomball, sad.