Saturday, July 28, 2007

I took 49 photos. I was in Wentworth and Chautauqua, South Dakota.

12:04 am

At Scott's

12:41 am

Quadruple Fisting
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12:50 am

Scott's Chopper's Paintjob

12:52 am

Scott's Chopper

1:06 am

Jerry and Scott

1:06 am

Jerry and Scott

1:08 am

Scott, Me, Cabo Wabo, and Sea Scope

1:11 am


1:16 am


9:36 am


9:36 am

Jerry's Yard

9:36 am

Scott's Cabin from Jerry's Deck

9:50 am

Jerry's Dock

9:51 am

Ninja and Teresa on the Beach

9:51 am

Suzuki Wetbike!

9:58 am

A Dead Fish

10:21 am

Dodge Charger Super Bee #706/1000

11:49 am

Kids found a snake

1:35 pm

Sun Screen

1:42 pm

Surfing on the boat's wake

2:42 pm

Mary Cozad

3:08 pm

Jerry Cozad

3:12 pm

3:39 pm

Putzer's Place

3:42 pm

Jeff's (Healing) Tattoo

3:50 pm

In Lake Madison

3:58 pm

Kissin Cousins

3:58 pm

Ridin in the boat

4:19 pm

Ninja in the water

4:28 pm

On the back porch

5:23 pm

The Front of Scott's Cabin

5:53 pm

Ninja and Teresa

6:10 pm

Shrimp and Shrooms

7:19 pm


8:39 pm

The first dog Ninja has ever met that was bigger than him

8:41 pm


8:49 pm

Sunset from Jerry's deck

8:54 pm

Sunset on Lake Madison

8:56 pm

Sunset on Lake Madison

8:58 pm

Kari on the Dock

9:32 pm

Sunset from Jerry's deck

9:34 pm


9:58 pm

Jerry's Blurry Cabin and a Full Moon

10:06 pm

Riding to Broadwater

10:07 pm

Driving to Broadwater

10:25 pm

A band at Broadwater

11:05 pm

Moon and Clouds from Broadwater

11:10 pm

Jerry Cozad

11:11 pm