Wednesday, July 14, 2021

I checked in to 3 places, took 7 photos, wrote 2 microblogs, walked 4.60 miles, and weighed 177.6 pounds. I was in West Des Moines and Des Moines, Iowa.

8:24 am

The algorithms are terrible.

9:14 am

This whole thing about the iPhone weather app not displaying the number 69 is so great.

4:48 pm

Checked in at Mint Piercing, West Des Moines, Iowa

5:25 pm

Got a dangly boy for my ears

5:50 pm

Checked in at Briarwood Pool, Des Moines, Iowa

6:35 pm

Checked in at Brooks' Dead End Ranch, Des Moines, Iowa

7:03 pm


7:05 pm

Bark Box

7:09 pm

Got some toys. Happy about it.

7:09 pm

Happy boy

7:13 pm

Happy about new toys

9:52 pm

New ear piece

11:33 pm

Fell asleep