Tuesday, July 21, 2020

I slept 5.7 hours, checked in to 2 places, took 10 photos, wrote 3 microblogs, walked 3.39 miles, and weighed 175.9 pounds. I was in Des Moines, Iowa.

5:46 am

Woke up after sleeping 5.7 hours

7:08 am

Woke up with a fierce need to do pigeon pose, so I did pigeon pose right in my bed.

My body (and brain) miss yoga.

7:47 am

Parts all painted up

11:37 am

What if this whole strange world we're living in is just a way to keep us out of restaurants long enough to forget about straws?

Soon everyone will emerge, drinking out of regular cups and the turtles will be THRIVING.

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4:47 pm

And now... my wife's airpods have mysteriously renamed themselves to: Jesus Christ's AirPods Pro #2... t.co/hRVw7BVYUC
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6:01 pm

Checked in at Dairy Queen, Des Moines, Iowa

6:05 pm

Old boys need ice cream

6:55 pm

Checked in at Brooks' Dead End Ranch, Des Moines, Iowa

7:01 pm

Tap box sealed up and plumbed into the wall

7:02 pm

Sealed up the ports on the top of the fridge

8:03 pm

Garden girl

9:13 pm

Tap-box mounted and plumbed intot he wall

9:19 pm

Plumbing cleaned up and test fit

9:20 pm

Ports in

9:23 pm

Mountin the taps

9:41 pm

Routing cool air from the freezer to the tap box

11:39 pm

Fell asleep