Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I slept 6.97 hours, took 4 photos, wrote 5 microblogs, walked 1.76 miles, and weighed 176.6 pounds. I was in Chicago, Illinois.

12:00 am

@broox Mine shuts off quickly but then usually turns back on a few hours after I fall asleep.

12:16 am

Fell asleep

7:29 am

Woke up after sleeping 6.97 hours

8:41 am

Sleeping is way nicer when it doesn't feel like there's a squirrel tail between your neck and pillow.
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10:17 am

Just hangin with my buddy @kunalbhat at @wearemodest

10:17 am

10:21 am

Rollin around Modest HQ

10:21 am

Chillin with Gauri and Kunal

10:23 am

Chillin with Harper at Modest, Inc

12:43 pm

My poor, poor fingernails.

9:37 pm

caution: one week until my birthday.