August 11, 2009

I wrote 1 blog, checked in to 4 places, took 1 photo, and wrote 7 microblogs. I was in Ankeny, West Des Moines, and Morgan.

Headin to work. I may have just taken my last shower til next Monday. 6 comments
checked in at Red 5 Interactive, West Des Moines, Iowa
checked in at Jordan Creek Town Center, West Des Moines, Iowa
This little girl in front of me just ordered this sandwich "ham, no cheese, and 2 handfulls of pickles" actually looked pretty awesome
Just got my last BWCA supplies. Water shoes, a sierra cup, and a whistle that has a built in compass, thermometer, and magnifying glass, hah
Lollapalooza 2009
Lollapalooza 2009
checked in at Red 5 Interactive, West Des Moines, Iowa
On my way to minnesota. All my des moines friends better hit up that atmosphere show tonight at simon estes. You won't be disappointed! 3 comments
checked in at I- 35 & 110th St, , IA , United States, Iowa
The wind generators in northern iowa never get less amazing to me. 3 comments
Taking josh's way to josh's house. Not sure how good of an idea this gonna be... 1 comment

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