Saturday, September 12, 2015

I slept 7.83 hours, checked in to 5 places, took 31 photos, wrote 4 microblogs, and walked 5.71 miles. I was in Chicago, Illinois.

12:08 am

Went to bed

12:16 am

Fell asleep

9:00 am

Woke up after sleeping 7.83 hours

11:03 am

Checked in at 7-Eleven, Chicago, Illinois

11:23 am

Checked in at Handlebar, Chicago, Illinois

12:59 pm


1:43 pm

Checked in at Riot Fest - Chicago 2015, Chicago, Illinois

1:55 pm


1:58 pm

Sprayin some blood

2:00 pm

Gwar stuff

2:11 pm

I can't imagine "getting ready" to be punk

2:31 pm


2:52 pm

Doin some paintin

2:59 pm

All Rise Brewing

3:04 pm

The Dead Milkmen

3:06 pm

The Dead Milkmen

3:28 pm

Riot festers

3:38 pm

@ejacqui the masks and blood really stand out in the sun.

3:42 pm

Takin a napster

3:44 pm

@scottvdp cash or loan
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3:44 pm

3:54 pm

Riot Rest

4:01 pm

Chillin before Pennywise

4:06 pm

Babes in Toyland

4:17 pm


4:22 pm


4:35 pm

Look at this dude. His boss paid him too much money

4:56 pm

Pennywise invites some fans on stage

5:18 pm

Chillin at the Dos Equis lounge

6:23 pm

Spicy grater taters

6:53 pm

Bootsy Collins

6:58 pm

Bootsy Collins reppin the blackhawks

7:08 pm


7:09 pm

Merle Haggard

7:48 pm

Billy Idol

7:52 pm

Billy Idol

8:08 pm

Billy Idol

8:29 pm

Billy Idol

8:49 pm

System of a Down

9:06 pm

Iggy Pop

9:44 pm

Just died after seeing Billy idol perform white wedding live.

10:09 pm

Checked in at Ramen-San, Chicago, Illinois

11:04 pm

Checked in at W Chicago - City Center, Chicago, Illinois

11:55 pm

Went to bed