Sunday, September 13, 2015

I slept 7.23 hours, checked in to 8 places, took 60 photos, wrote 2 microblogs, and walked 4.86 miles. I was in Illinois and Colorado.

12:01 am

Fell asleep

8:05 am

Woke up after sleeping 7.23 hours

11:15 am

Checked in at Dunkin Donuts, Chicago, Illinois

11:23 am

Checked in at Starbucks, Chicago, Illinois

11:29 am

Checked in at W Chicago - City Center, Chicago, Illinois

12:31 pm

Checked in at Bangers & Lace, Chicago, Illinois

12:51 pm

Brunch stuff

2:35 pm

Checked in at CVS/pharmacy, Chicago, Illinois

2:54 pm


3:00 pm

Checked in at Riot Fest - Chicago 2015, Chicago, Illinois

3:18 pm

Hands up for De La Soul

3:19 pm

De La Soul

3:32 pm

It's super fun when bands try to figure out which side of the crowd is louder.
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3:53 pm

Less Than Jake

3:54 pm

The toilet paper blower

4:12 pm

Riot festing

4:15 pm

Klever takin some polaroids for the crowd

4:16 pm

DJ Klever throwing out some Polaroids

4:18 pm

The girl next to me caught one of DJ Klever's polaroids

4:20 pm

Self made hundredaire

4:32 pm

Yelawolf's Guitarist

4:33 pm


4:33 pm


4:37 pm

Yelawolf and Klever

4:38 pm

Yelawolf and Klever

4:39 pm


4:40 pm

Klever gettin down

4:42 pm

What'd you say, brooks?

4:43 pm


4:46 pm

Yelawolf in the crowd

4:49 pm

Just before that monitor got thrown off stage

5:12 pm

Andrew WK!

5:16 pm

Partying with Andrew W.K. and Cherie Lily

5:21 pm

Shreddin the Pizza Guitar

5:22 pm

Partying with Andrew WK

5:24 pm

Relationship Goals

5:27 pm

Rocking with Andrew WK and Cherie Lily

5:30 pm

Andrew W.K. and Chery Lily

5:42 pm

Jamming on the Piano

5:42 pm

Crowd surfin punk

5:51 pm

Good job!

6:02 pm

Carnival stuff

6:05 pm

Bout to go on this ferris wheel

6:07 pm

Ferris Wheelin

6:08 pm

Watching Cypress Hill from the ferris wheel

6:10 pm

Ferris Wheelin

6:12 pm

Cypress Hill

6:12 pm

Chicago from the ferris wheel at Douglas Park

6:14 pm

This fence protected the grass

6:20 pm

Cypress Hill

6:36 pm

Some Riot Fest art

6:42 pm

Fest feet

6:51 pm

Lovers, in love

7:11 pm


7:16 pm

Fest Food

7:20 pm

This mohawk

7:28 pm

This was supposed to be a taco. It was terrible.

8:17 pm

Holdin down the crowd while we wait for Snoop Dogg

8:18 pm

Snoop Takes the stage a half hour late, ha

8:18 pm

Snoop Dogg

8:22 pm


8:55 pm

The Prodigy

9:04 pm

The Prodigy

9:04 pm

The Prodigy

9:04 pm

The Prodigy

9:04 pm

The Prodigy

9:06 pm

The Prodigy

9:12 pm

The Prodigy

9:18 pm

The Prodigy

9:45 pm

Checked in at Roots Pizza, Chicago, Illinois

10:14 pm

I love eating pizza with this girl.

11:13 pm

Checked in at W Chicago - City Center, Chicago, Illinois

11:24 pm

Went to bed

11:31 pm

Fell asleep