Friday, September 24, 2021

I slept 8.5 hours, checked in to 4 places, took 32 photos, wrote 1 microblog, walked 9.06 miles, and weighed 179.5 pounds. I was in Des Moines, Walcott, Taylor Ridge, and Village of Andalusia.

12:42 am

Woke up after sleeping 2.25 hours

1:44 am

Fell asleep

8:11 am

Woke up after sleeping 6.25 hours

12:03 pm


12:11 pm

Checked in at Jimmy John's, Des Moines, Iowa

12:27 pm

Checked in at QuikTrip, Des Moines, Iowa

1:06 pm

@arkmashton Don’t tell me what to do

4:01 pm

Checked in at Pilot Travel Center, Walcott, Iowa

5:29 pm

Workin on a tooth

5:29 pm

Micah, Cara, and Kari

5:30 pm

Nieces and Nephews

5:31 pm

silly girls!

5:33 pm

Cara and Kari

5:33 pm

Micah and Kari

5:34 pm

Checked in at Rod n Rhonda's, Taylor Ridge, Illinois

6:08 pm

Gettin some help from David

6:19 pm

Parked the camper at the bottom of mom's hill

6:19 pm

Lil camper in the distance

6:21 pm

Lil camper

6:22 pm

Tooth: out

6:22 pm

Excited dude

6:22 pm

Goofin around

6:23 pm

Goofin around

6:23 pm

An interesting pose

6:23 pm

Showin off some sweet moves

6:43 pm


7:45 pm

Bre'anna's new cookbook

7:46 pm

Proud mom

8:01 pm

Celebrating mom's 60th

8:03 pm

Some 40 year olds

8:17 pm

Family stuff

8:18 pm

And now, with Janet and John

8:30 pm

Kari and Jaxon

8:30 pm


8:33 pm

Cake time!

8:35 pm


8:35 pm


8:42 pm


10:50 pm

Story time

10:51 pm


11:35 pm

Fell asleep