Friday night party

Friday night party

Friday night party (full size)


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This photo was taken in Ankeny, Iowa with an Apple iPhone 6s.

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  • No twist, no olive, no anything...heresy!!!

    Joshua A. Gooch posted

  • Haha! I don't drink em at home enough to have good olives in stock... and I *hate* shitty olives, so that said, there's definitely a dash of olive juice to accompany the dash of vermouth. You can trust that this is a pristine martini.

    Derek Brooks posted

  • Very good, yeah, I have to stuff my own as store bought ones are yuck. Only 6 hours to go...

    Joshua A. Gooch posted

  • Remember to use Maze Nails for all your building needs!!

    Chadd Maze Kreofsky posted

  • You are the Jack of all trades!

    Karrie Neill Anderson posted

  • I feel your pain! Jed just designed our new place, he did a fantastic job!

    Tobbie Walter posted

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