This is basically a place for me to write about things that happened in my life before I had a web site. I don't really expect anyone to read these. They're mostly for my own documentation and memory.

  • My Hernia posted with 6 comments

    I've been meaning to write about this for quite some time. It's pretty funny to have had a hernia when you were only 16, and my experience was fairly awkward... so here's a story about my very first hernia... read more

  • Riverbend Pizza posted with 11 comments

    Riverbend Pizza is this awesome place that I worked at from the time I was 15 until sometime during my senior year of High school. Aside from mowing my grandma's lawn, it was my first real job - and it ruled... a lot... read more

  • Wreck Number 2 posted with 3 comments

    One day Krissy and I decided to drive past my old house on Old Ranch Road in Port Byron. I was feeling pretty sick so I had her drive. In fact, I started to really feel like crap so I took my seat belt off so that the pressure wouldn't be on my belly... read more

  • How I Broke My First Bone posted with 10 comments

    One time back in 2001 I decided to go snowboarding with Jason Reiter. Prior to that, besides backyard snowboarding, I had only been snowboarding on a resort once. Some extended family of mine own a small ski resort in Illinois (Snow Star)... read more

  • Byron Hills Blowguns posted with 5 comments

    When I was in High School, 3 foot blowguns were pretty popular with my friends and I - the ones that you blow into and shoot a 4 inch needle out the tip. We all became incredibly good with them, we could hit pop cans from 30 feet away, etc. One day Nate Sels, Ray Terhune, and I were on the way to play a round of golf at Byron Hills when Ray decided that he needed a new blow gun... read more

  • Ultra Sloppy Barfy posted with 2 comments

    Throughout High School lunch, my buddies and I always goofed around in an immature fashion (imagine that). It was usually Me, Jeremy Ludin, Jeff Ballard, Boone Ebel, Kyle Wells, Luke Gochanour, Andy Mead, etc. First of all, we always mixed everything that was left at the end of a meal into some concoction... read more

  • Josh Gooch and the Pond posted with 12 comments

    When I was in High School I was on the golf team. I spent many of my meets golfing with my buddies Jeremy Ludin and Josh Gooch. We've got tons of stories, but there is one in particular that I will never forget... read more

  • How I started with Soap Shoes posted with 73 comments

    I guess I should start with the first time I started Soaping. I was at my buddy, Hugh Hermes' New Years Eve party my Jr year of High School. He had some Soaps and a practice rail so I decided to give it a shot... read more

  • The Bees posted with 6 comments

    When I was a kid we lived on 15 acres; 9 of which were woods. We didn't have any neighbors so a typical day for me was to go explore, hunt, build forts, bike, etc. Our woods were split into 2 sections, 10% was in the front yard and 90% was in the back... read more

  • A Shot to the Head posted with 7 comments

    When I was 16 years old, my parents decided that it was time to build a new house. The only problem was, our house sold quicker than the new one got built. So we had to find a rental house for a month or so... read more

  • Pull over to the right next time! posted with 3 comments

    One day, during my senior year in high school or so, Jeff Wingert and I decided we'd take a drive into town in my Celica. I needed some gas so I stopped at the Amoco on Route 84 in Rapids City to fill up. After getting gas I pulled out to make my way to the interstate which is probably a mile away or so... read more