Tuesday, October 20, 2020

I slept 8.02 hours, wrote 1 blog, checked in to 3 places, took 51 photos, wrote 1 microblog, and walked 7.37 miles. I was in Colorado.

7:36 am

Woke up after sleeping 8.02 hours

10:18 am

This porch is great in the morning

10:18 am

The valley

10:51 am

Good friend Garthy, old friend, my pal

10:52 am

Waffles on the porch

10:53 am

We'd intended to make pancakes, but Kari found a waffle iron in the cabinet

10:54 am

T minus two minutes until she decides she doesn't like waffles and gives this to me.

1:37 pm

Narrow Steep Road

1:47 pm

Hiking around Lake Jefferson

1:49 pm

It is very nice out here

1:50 pm

Garth diggin the hike

1:54 pm

Off-roadin old man

1:57 pm

Limbo stuff

1:59 pm

There's lots of cool growth out here

2:01 pm

This trail is turning into an obstacle course for this old man dog

2:03 pm

Jefferson Lake stuff

2:06 pm

Hikin on the easy side

2:14 pm

To the prairie

2:16 pm


2:18 pm

Family pic

2:18 pm

Checked in at Jefferson Lake, Jefferson, Colorado

2:20 pm

Bout halfway around the lake. We shoulda brought water and snacks

2:23 pm

This side of the lake is a little more challenging for our old man dog

2:24 pm

Oh boy, here comes the beaver fever

2:26 pm

Jumping rocks n streams

2:27 pm


2:39 pm

Whew, back to something that resembles a path

3:01 pm

The trail disappeared. Garth could not hang. Carrying this beast across these boulders was sketchy af.

3:43 pm


3:44 pm

We were all drained by this point. Kari and Garth waited. I ran back to the car to get snacks and water.

3:47 pm

Aaand, we found a trail in the forest behind the boulders

4:00 pm

Hikin through the forest... much easier than hopping boulders

4:09 pm

It sure is pretty out here

4:11 pm

Slow old man

4:14 pm

Almost back to the car

4:24 pm

Jefferson Lake

4:33 pm

Beaver stuff

4:33 pm

Beaver dam

5:07 pm

Checked in at Sinclair, Fairplay, Colorado

5:47 pm

Checked in at Spirit Line Cabin, Alma, Colorado

5:48 pm

A much needed beer
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6:00 pm

Mad Juicy IPA

6:06 pm

Hangin with wifey

6:06 pm


6:32 pm

Worn out pup

6:38 pm

Nothin to see here

6:48 pm

The neighbor? dog came to visit

6:48 pm

Neighbor dogs

6:52 pm

Hot tubbin

7:24 pm

A pretty sunset

7:29 pm

Sunset hot tub chillin

7:30 pm

This is not a bad way to spend an evening

7:31 pm

Colorado Sunset

8:00 pm

8:15 pm

Kari, Garth and I went on the sketchiest hike today. Type two, funnest time ever.

8:28 pm

Just noticed that my 20 year old nipple ring has nearly migrated out. I guess this is the end.

9:20 pm

Cabin cookin

11:33 pm

Fell asleep