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  • work - A nice day to take some meetings outside
  • work - Enjoying the patio on an unseasonably warm day
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  • work - Claimed a desk at the Chicago office with a bunch of photos
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  • work - February suddenly took a turn for the better.

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What I was actually doing for those 15 months in Chicago...

I moved to Chicago for 466 days, where I lived in 3 different neighborhoods and visited 375 different places — 239 of which were restaurants or bars. I walked around 10,087 steps (or 7.67 miles) per day, slept roughly 7.19 hours per night, and gained 1 pound before returning to Iowa. I was actually in the city on 400 of those days and ventured out of Chicago on 117 of them. 68 of those (spread across 17 different trips) were spent in my actual home, with my wife in Iowa. I was also fortunate enough to get out to Washington DC, San Francisco, Arizona, and Napa Valley... read more
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My New Gig: Helping Reelect the President

So my buddy, Harper is currently serving as the CTO for the 2012 Obama Campaign. This spring, he told me I should interview to join his team. However, after taking the 5 hour commute and a couple other minor details into consideration, I declined. … and regretted it immediately. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, working on technology for our president with a team of baller engineers... read more
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Des Moines duo who coded for Obama 2012 pursue own startups

At Big Omaha in May 2011, Derek Brooks (left) and Nick Leeper discussed working for Barack Obama's re-election campaign. They both took jobs with the campaign later that year. Des Moines software developer Derek Brooks never thought he would find himself working on a political campaign. A registered independent voter, he was never very interested in politics. But over the past year, Brooks, along with fellow Iowan and friend Nick Leeper, was employed by President Barack Obama's re-election campaign in Chicago... read more

Iowans put their tech skills to work for Obama

Derek Brooks and Nick Leeper spent long hours writing code for donation and voter websites. Nick Leeper, left, and Derek Brooks, both software engineers in their early 30s, left good jobs in Des Moines to move to Chicago and work for the Obama campaign. They built software to track voters that helped secure Obama's victory. Photo by Christopher Gannon of The Des Moines Register Derek Brooks of Ankeny was just one of 10,000 in the crowd last fall when the president urged Iowans to register to vote. "This is," President Barack Obama said at a rally at Living History Farms on Sept... read more
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