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  • Couch Wall posted - 2 comments

    My apartment is so close to being complete. The only thing I really need now is some kind of artwork to hang above my couch. The wall looks really bare. The couch is a greyish-green suede material, and my entertainment center and lamps are black. I've had a couple suggestions which were good, but I'm looking for more... read more

  • Girls are gross posted - 2 comments

    There are a few things I hate. And one of them is discussion about female hygene. Especially commercials on TV and emails like this: There is an ongoing problem of tampon applicators being flushed down the toilets. When you flush them, they end up in a pit where there are pumps to send the waste up to the main drain line. The applicator will get trapped in the pumps and damage them, unless I remove them, which is an unpleasant task and takes me away from my other duties, which costs the company money... read more

  • funny posted - 1 comment

    * mrkraus has joined #pioneer <mrkraus> whoa <mrkraus> weird * mrkraus has quit IRC (Client Quit) It's little things like this that are really really funny to me, and I don't know why. read more

  • Iowa posted - 4 comments

    Licensed read more

  • Being young and making cash rules posted - 6 comments

    The guy that led my orientation at work just asked my buddy and I, "How much more time do you guys have?" We were like, "Um, what?" He said, "this summer." So we got really confused. and then he's like, "When does school start back up?" "Ummm, we're full time, sir" read more

  • Why my job rules posted - 6 comments

    My boss just wheeled this giant box on wheels over to my cube. It was about waist high, 5 feet long and 3 feet wide with no top on it. Anyway, he told me to get in. I was like, "umm, you just want me to get in the box?" He's like, "yeah, it's ok, get in." So I got in, and he put this purple fuzzy pimp hat on me and pushed me all around the floor really fast. read more

  • My cube posted - 8 comments

    A lot of people have wanted pictures of my cube at work. So here ya go... Also, don't forget to check out the webcam link above. I usually turn it on during the week. The Whole Cube - Right Side - Left Side - Toys read more

  • Martial Arts: A good story posted - 7 comments

    A couple month's ago, my friends and I decided that it would be a good idea for Jordan to kick me in the stomach as hard as he could. It didn't seem like a bad idea because my stomach is so incredibly buff and Jordan was in martial arts which means he has good aim. So here's the video... it hurt, but everything went to plan. Anyway, my buddy, Zach was here last weekend and was wearing my tae kwon do uniform... read more

  • Kids' Camp Xtreme posted - 8 comments

    My aunt's church is having a camp called "kids' camp xtreme" and they asked me to make a video for them. They just wanted something short that they could play everyday to get the kids pumped up. They told me to just throw a bunch of "extreme stuff" together, which is exactly what I did. It's not awesome, but if you want to see it, click here. (2:07, wmv format) You'll see a few of my closest buddies and I goofin around, skating, soaping, etc... read more

  • Woot to the max dot netscape is gone! posted - 10 comments

    So it looks like AOL Time Warner finally decided to pull the plug on Netscape and call it quits. ...and the web developers of the world rejoice. read more

  • Kids, driving fast is not cool posted - 4 comments

    Derek R Brooks: i should have gotten pulled over to the MAX this morning Derek R Brooks: i will just paste the conversation that i had with jammey Derek R Brooks: so i dont have to type it again sofa king kari: k Derek R Brooks: well, to get to work i have to jump onto the interstate for like 5 minutes... and it's all 3 lane with big wall dividers between eastbound and westbound... so the only way you're gonna get pulled over is if there is a cop right in front of you or right behind you Derek R Brooks: well this morning, i didn't have my radar detector on and i flew onto the interstate like i normally do... doing about 90 Derek R Brooks: about halfway to work i switched lanes from the far left lane to the far right lane to get around a school bus... that's when i noticed the cop flying up on me... read more

  • Music: From Jazz to Underground Psycho Rap posted - 1 comment

    I've been hearing some pretty good music lately and I thought I'd tell you about it. Normally I don't do this, but you won't hear any of it otherwise because it's all way underground. First off, I went to a place called Java Joes on Saturday night. They had 2 bands playing, Kite Strings and Cleo's Apartment, which were both very good. Kite Strings was a mix between Acid Jazz, Hip Hop, and techno... read more

  • iPod posted - 3 comments

    I bought the newest verion of the 10 gig iPod (v3) off of ebay the other day, and absolutely love it. I actually wanted the 30 gig, but couldn't see spending $500 on it. But seriously, this thing is so insanely dope. It looks so nice, it's so thin, all the buttons are touchpads, and the formatting/navigation is just so clean. Sometimes I really think that apple rules because they put a ton of thought into every aspect of their products, especially design... read more

  • New Pictures posted - 3 comments

    I finally added a few new pictures to this site. So click the pictures link above and you will see pics of: Juliet and I - I've known this girl since I was like 2 Katie and I - one of my best girl friends Becca, Shawn, and I (and my brett favre jersey, which is a Large in BOYS) Kevin and I at graduation Kevin, Mark, and I. Notice my 70s style joggin suit, mark's killer tuxedo, and kevin... well, kevin's got his camera. read more

  • My Car posted - 4 comments

    I love my car. In fact, I love my car so much that even though it almost has 130,000 miles on it, I've decided that I'm going to restore it rather than buy a new car. The only problem is, stupid things keep happening to it! For instance, last fall (shortly after I got my new body kit on) I went and bought a new cell phone (you probably saw the article about it on this site). Anyway, I was so caught up in my cell phone that when I went back out to my car I was only paying attention to the phone... read more

  • So far so good... posted - 4 comments

    So I've been living in Des Moines for a little over a week and it's going pretty well... except for my lack of friends out here. Everyone I know is trying to be all professional n stuff. Don't get me wrong, I think it's important to be professional at work, but the only people I know are at work... while they're at work... read more

  • Des Moines posted - 5 comments

    I got a really good job right outside of Des Moines in the city of Johnston. I start June 1, so I'll be outta here at the end of May. I'm gonna miss my friends a lot, but it's a great opportunity for me, so I'm taking it.Update: I went to get an apartment yesterday. I found a pretty dope one in West Des Moines, right next to Clive. If anyone lives near there, I need someone to skate/soap with. read more

  • Graduation posted - 3 comments

    I'm graduating in about a month. I just made this graduation announcement that I thought I would post on my website. I don't really expect you all to come to either of my events, but I thought you might find the announcement humorous or would just like to know what's going on in my life. Check out my announcement here! read more

  • Spring Break posted - 1 comment

    So spring break started yesterday and I'm flying to Phoenix this afternoon. I plan on getting tons of pictures and will be promoting Soap to the max. (for those of you that don't know, I'm sponsored by soap shoes again). If you need to get a hold of me you can call me on my cell phone or text message me here. read more

  • Photography posted - 3 comments

    I joined a photography class this block at Cornell and I'm really looking forward to it. I really need more photo experience for, plus I think photography is one of the best forms of art there is. Anyway, we needed an SLR (Single Reflex Lens) camera, so I spent about 4 hours comparing cameras in my price range. I narrowed it down right away to the Canon Rebel 2000 and the Minolta Maxxum 5. I went to Best Buy and talked to 3 of the High School kids that know nothing about any product in the store except for the new 50 Cent CD... read more