I write... occasionally

Here's a collection of 635 pieces of nonsense that I've felt the need to journal about over the past 21.41 years.


Friday: Insane
We met Harper at Crobar, a new club in chicago charging like a $30 cover. The DJ there is a guy named 'Felix' who does work with Puffy and is definitely the best club DJ I've seen live.

Anyway, Chris (of the virgin tears) was hanging out with us also. He's friends with Felix, so we all walked in together on "the cool side of the rope" for free while some dude was taking pictures of us, ha. Inside, this place was so dope. It was 2 stories; the dance floor is on the bottom but there is also a balcony wrapping around the whole place and the DJ booth overlooked everything (this is where we hung out most of the night). It was so much fun.

More crazy stuff:
-They weren't letting people with tennis shoes in (luckily we …

Cedric and the Des Moines Buccaneers are Ghetto

On Friday, my friend Cedric had the day off, so we emptied his cube. We also moved boxes and a printer in and labeled everything with "Charles Brown" moving tags.

On Saturday, Kari and I went to a Des Moines Buccaneers Hockey game. They are in the same league as the Cedar Rapids Rough Riders... (First of all, I'm not one of the super cool fans for teams full of 18-20 year olds, but they are definitely fun). I have gone to quite a few Rough Riders games over the past 4 years, and had a lot of fun. The facility is really nice, the fans are nuts and always funny, the team is pretty decent and there are cool things in between periods. Since I moved to Des Moines, the state's capitol, I figured that the games would be just as cool, or …

Stupid College! (i am sad)

I just got a good slap to the face as a reminder that November marks the 6 month anniversary of my graduation from Cornell. This isn't sad because I think I'm getting old, because I don't... It is sad because I got a friendly letter from the Iowa Student Loan Liquidity Corporation which is conveniently located 9 blocks from my apartment.

My debt to Cornell starts today... And the scariest part about this billing statement is that nowhere on it is the total amount that I owe or how many months/years this is supposed to take. I will probably pay forever...

Stupid, stupid Liberal Arts education. Why didn't I go to a state school??? Maybe I should make double or triple payments or something and put less money in the bank. Or I could …

Detroit / Halloween / Harper

This weekend I went to Detroit with Kevin, Ben Stockwell, Richie, and his friend Adam. ...Man, that city is ghetto, but also fun.

Thursday around 4 I drove to Mt Vernon to meet Kevin, then we drove to Richie's house to pick them up, then up to Detroit. After a lot of driving, we arrived at our hotel on 14 mile around 5 AM. We slept for 5 hours and then woke up to go sight seeing. While we were out we saw a lot of things referenced by ICP and other people under Psychopathic records. Here are some cool things we saw:
-The ghetto block that Violent J grew up on
-Old school ICP Graffiti
-Hot Hits (The record store that Alex Abbiss owns)
-Zug Island
-Burnt down houses
-Lots of other streets and places that get rapped about.

Later, …

Half.com blows

I am writing this out of rage after placing my first order on half dot friggin com.... half.com sucks, and sucks hard. first of all they didn't give me a buy button next to the thing i wanted to buy.... so i got mad. and then, after i finally got through to the checkout and was ready to buy my ultra-cheap CD. I find out that they're ultra-stupid and don't accept bleeper bloppin paypal, wtf!?

I hate half.com

Birthday this year? Nah!

My dad sends me these pointless but funny emails every once in a while. Well today he sends me this one.
    There's 22 peanut M&M's in a package. So, you could eat one for every year of your age and still have one left over for tomorrow!!!
so I reply...
    Dad... I am 22.

Pwn the sun

A couple months ago some friends and I claimed the Sun. We were so happy when we obtained it... but we didn't know what to do with it. After breif discussion we decided that we should sell parts of it as real estate. And since there is so much surface on the Sun (6,069,871,166,000.84 square kilometers) we figured that we could sell it for an insanely low price! This plan would give our fellow land owners one of the best deals of their lifetime and make us ultra rich. In fact, if we sold the entire sun, we would each make a approximately $7,081,516,314,851.66. This is a lot of money...

Please check out our website and deeply consider purchasing your right to the hottest property you can buy! www.weownthesun.com

Stupid Apple and their dope software

I'm not really a big fan of macs at all, but i will say that they make some incredibly attractive products. I just downloaded the new fimware for my ipod along with itunes for windows.

itunes is definitely the best download out there right now for mp3 management. It is so clean and so easy. Go download it! It is the best mp3 player, it's free, and you will be so happy.

First step, Monitoring

So the first step to any serious engine modifications is to install a means of monitoring what's going on. This is simply to make sure anything you install doesn't cause you're car to die, blow up, etc and also so you can tune it to get the best performance possible. Last night I took the first step in ordering some new gauges.

After days of searching I decided to go with a set of Autometer Phantom gauges. They have a good rep and cost less than $180 per gauge (like Apexi and Greddy). The first gauge that I needed was a Boost/turbo gauge. Most of the time, if your car has a turbo, the stock turbo gauge is crap and doesn't give accurate readings. The second gauge that I wanted was oil pressure, which is a pretty common gauge to get for …

Bobble Justin and Travel Music

Yesterday my coworkers and I went to the dollar store after lunch. We bought toys that shoot rubber suction darts. While we were there, Nick and I found the hottest deal... NSync Bobble heads for 50 cents! These are the same bobble heads that sold at Best Buy for like $15 a long time ago (the package even said best buy). I got Justin (so he could chill with Dr Bob) but Nick got JC AND Justin! He's going for the whole set.

Anyway, Lots of cool things are coming up. This weekend I get to be on stage with Loki because my buddy, Zach rules and is building their website. Also on stage that night is Hatebreed and Slayer... I hope we don't get killed. Zach built Loki's website and suddenly they're getting noticed (rule), so Zach got …


Alright so I've got a new look for the site, it defintely needed a change. Anyway, a lot of the stuff is the same. The big changes are: new design/colors, links to friends, more cars, biography, and I will have audio/videos soon.

If you have a personal site and are my friend, be sure to send me a picture and a link, then I'll add you. What do you think?

St Louis Demo

I picked up the rental van Thursday, then Kevin and I drove down to Kansas City. Once we got there, we met Oliver, Chris, and their friend Kevin. They played a bad trick on us. Chris didn't show up for a while cause he had to take a crap or something, so Kevin said that he was Chris, even though he's a pale skinned red-head, and Chris is tan with longer, brown hair. That had me so confused for a while. Anyway, they showed us a movie that the made called "Soap Movie." It's a full length movie! I didn't see the whole thing, but they showed me the highlights, and it was pretty good.

The next day, we went soaping around Kansas City and the suburbs. They took us to this one rail that is about a foot/foot and a half off the ground, insanely …

Bathroom Printers

So, I just printed something out and when I went to get it, I walked straight to the bathroom. When I got there, I was like, "wait a minute, I don't have to go to the bathroom." So then I walked back to the admin center, got the document I printed, and wrote this article.


So Friday was pretty exciting. We got to move cubes at work. Now I have a much cooler one, and I'm near my buddies. It's going to be a lot of fun. I took a Panoramic shot of my new cube, Click Here to see it. Once you're there you can click on the picture and drag to get a 360 degree view of where I work.

Breaking down on the interstate rules

So I'm driving home from work all speed demon, road rage style and I'm in the fast lane of "Interstate 80" doing 85 or so. I come up on this semi doing about 65, with a motor home next to it doing about 70.... the far right lane was open, so I punched the gas to the floor to dart accross 3 lanes in between a motor home and the truck behind it... As soon as I hit the gas my car jumped once (cause the turbo kicked in hard)... and then it jumped right back down, vibrated, and just wanted to coast for the rest of the day. Luckily, I still had enough speed to squeeze through the hole and over to the right lane. I then coasted off the shoulder, parked and started calling for rides.

After I got a hold of my uncle to come pick me up, I got out …


So I was playing pool tonight with this girl at a bar called "Drink." and the coolest thing that ever happened to me, happened. I was stripes, and I was shooting at my 13 ball. I had it all lined up perfectly at the left side pocket. I aimed, pulled back, shot, and POP...

The 13 and the cue ball both jumped. The cue ball flew completely off the table and hit the floor... this happens all the time, so it's not really a big deal. BUT the next part of the story is the coolest part... the 13 ball that I shot at jumped off the table as well. However, it not only flew off of my table, it flew all the way over to the table next to us (where 2 other guys were playing), bounced off their far wall, and came back into their right hand side …

I want a redo

Well, this site has had the same design since January 9, 2002, so I think it might be time to redo it again. I'll probably go darker and more simple. However, I'm also doing a site for some hip/hop groups in Des Moines, you might have read about them in an earlier article. The website is softfocusart.com.

Couch Pics

which of these do you like best (to hang above my couch)? Here are some of the responses I got so far:

Alexei: 1, 2, or 4 ... those are the best
Denise: 1st one (the first four are good)
Harper: 2
Jeff (mv): the one with the guy grindin on the rail is pretty tight (4)
Kari: 2,4,8
Kevin: 6 is my first choice... then.. 2
Marja: I like the 4th, 5th and 8th ones best. I do like the 4th one just bc ppl will be like "what is that guy doing???" then you can explain it to them
Mart: Either 4, 5 or 8
Nathan: 3
Victor: 1,4 because its long length width wise and it would look good because a couch is wide.

Why wouldn't I guess: 278,564,356,980

[15:46] <nata2> Useless Trivia: China produces ---------- eggs per year.
[15:46] <nata2> 1st hint: ***,***,***,*** Question score: 5 points
[15:46] <nata2> 2nd hint: 278,***,***,*** 30 seconds remaining.
[15:46] <nata2> 3rd hint: 278,***,***,*** 15 seconds remaining.
[15:46] <scottv> 278,000.000.000
[15:47] <scottv> 278,000,000,000
[15:47] <Kevi> 278,000,000,000
[15:47] <nata2> Time's up! The answer was -> 278,564,356,980 <-
[15:47] <broox> WTF
[15:47] <scottv> what
[15:47] <Kevi> HAHAHAHA