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  • NYC - world trade center tragedy posted - 2 comments

    "HEY. Im still ok. And I will be because Im going to Long Island today to stay there until I can leave. Its weird here....nobody is out on the streets, and this morning we couldnt get to this one building we needed to go to because there were men with machine guns surrounding it. Cops on every corner....but no people on the street... read more

  • go-peds... so much fun posted - 2 comments

    Hey all, I just got a new toy yesterday. You probably know I'm into the extreme sport scene, and like to have all the toys. Well, I just ordered a Know-ped which is a scooter made by go-ped. It's not like those piddly little Razor scooters you all see. This is some heavy duty stuff! read more

  • Class posted

    So, classes start at Cornell today, yes on labor day. I have a pretty cool class too, Writing for Television. It doesn't start until 1:00 pm... which means, I have all morning to work on websites (if i wake up early). Anyway, my full time job got cut back to like 1.5 hours a day because of classes, which is very cool... read more

  • chickety china posted - 14 comments

    jill - "what did you guys do for lunch?kevin - "chickety china the chinese chicken, grab a drum stick and your brain starts tickin"jill - "we dont have drum sticks here, do we?" read more

  • Porfolio... updated again posted - 2 comments

    I've been real busy lately, hence the lack of updates on this site, and on But I haven't been just sitting around doing nothing. I've got 1 new website and 2 new databases done, and I just added them to the portfolio. So check them out, and any feedback would be greatly appreciated. read more

  • confused? posted - 5 comments

    hey guys... i'm kinda confused about something. this is my website right? i mean, my name is in the upper left hand corner and all... sure it's spelled wrong, but that is my last name, right? read more

  • Portfolio Updated posted - 1 comment

    I updated my portfolio with a new website today. I am almost done with the Cornell College Computing Services website... so you can check it out if you'd like. read more

  • Fart posted - 4 comments

    Today while kevin and I were working... we walked into the campus library to work on a computer. As soon as we walk in the door, kevin just tears this huge fart out... and the librarian turned around and started staring at us. So i just turned at him and yelled "DUDE!"... read more

  • Jobs n Websites posted - 3 comments

    I haven't had time to progress this site lately. I am actually working 4 jobs at the moment and it's tough... but finally paying off! I am thinking about coding my other site ( from scratch. See right now, it is using a web portal system built in PHP (PHP-Nuke)... read more

  • 20 years old... yay... posted - 1 comment

    There is 1 bad thing about today... and that is... I turn 20. yep, today, August 5th is my 20th birthday. I'm not too happy about it... read more

  • MRI results, woohoo! posted - 3 comments

    Ok, so I messed up my knee really bad grinding this "sideways kinked rail" toward the end of June. 2 weeks later I went to the Dr. to get it checked out because it still hurt real bad, and it was still really swollen. They ended up draining 20 CCs of fluid out. Then the Dr... read more

  • Friends sites posted - 2 comments

    ok, not a whole lot is going on here right now, so if you're bored check out a couple of my friends' sites. they are both great, and have a lot of time put into them! both are pretty media-oriented... so they're definitly - A friend from a detroit whose site is not the worst ever. - my roommate's site, dedicated to his music and stuff.check them out, and leave feedback here, let me know if putting up cool sites like this every once in a while is a good idea. read more

  • Supergrub posted - 1 comment

    Alright, a few of you have seen the movie "Supergrub". if not, it's a movie I made when I was 15 for a class in high school. It was a great movie, but edited terribly... Mainly because all the editing was done analog by pushing play-pause-record on 2 VCRs. Well, I found the raw-unedited footage the last time I was home and decided it would be fun to re-edit it digitally... read more

  • Threaded forum posted - 1 comment

    Ok, I worked on the forum a lot this morning, and after people showed some interest and request I threaded it... sorta. Now you can reply to people's comments, which is a lot nicer! Check it out, and tell me what you think of the format. read more

  • Dancer posted - 4 comments

    ...that dude is sooo cool, hahaha. yeah, thats right... he's dancing.look at that little bugger go! read more

  • Forum posted - 1 comment

    A couple people have requested a Message Board/Forum on the site so I added one today. I actually got it right on the first try too, hehe. Anyway, if you just want to ramble about something, or read other people's ramblings, check out the forum. read more

  • People posted - 2 comments

    I added some pictures to the People section... and changed it from friends to people. Although it will be mostly just friends... i will have family and other stuff. read more

  • Professional posted - 5 comments

    I took the Webdesign link down today and changed it to "Professional". The reason being... I'd like to publish all my projects on that page. So it will include web design, database design, videos, and any other projects. I added a little to it also... read more

  • Online! posted - 3 comments

    Ok, is now officially online! I know that some of you had seen the site as I've been building it on my school server... but then you probably noticed that it got shut down. That's because I got into a little trouble for having an anonymous email system on Cornell's server. Anyway, they took away my php rights on the campus server, so I couldn't do anything more to my site... read more

  • Anonymous? posted - 3 comments

    Want to send anonymous email? I actually wrote some code to do so... Click here to check it out, but please dont be stupid about it, and don't get me in trouble. You are responsible for anything you send out using the email page. but have fun, hehe. read more