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  • Answering machine beats posted - 4 comments

    I'm gonna make a lot of songs out of various answering machine messages that I've gotten. Once everything is settled with then I will start uploading them in real audio format.I'm gonna place beats behind cool answering machine messages and scratch the voices... I've got 1 done... should be cool. read more

  • Fixed! ...and prettier posted

    So, I got the comment counter to work today. I also wrote a little statement that makes the word 'comment' plural or not depending on the amount of comments... easy, but still kinda nice. read more

  • Errors n stuff posted

    Hey, if you notice the error for the undefined variable on the Home page, just ignore it. Also ignore the comment counters. They are SO close to working, but each number is shifted down 1 article. So if this article gets 2 comments, then the Mac 10 article will say it has 2 comments... and so on... read more

  • Mac 10 posted - 1 comment

    "Why did you ask me if I listened to mac 10? Is that some kind of lesbian music or something?"-jill geerlings-schmidthehe, I love this lady. read more

  • Random Pictures posted

    Alright, I got the code done for the random picture generator. I tried using some code that I got off a friend, but couldnt get it to work, so I broke down and coded it myself. Anyway, every time the home page loads, it brings up a different picture. It also generates a new alt tag, so if you're confused about a picture, just hold your mouse over it for a short description. read more

  • Ideas? posted - 2 comments

    For the few people that are checking out my site already... do you have any ideas for things I could put up on my site? e.g. - links, pages, etc. I understand that this site wont be that popular because its mainly just a personal site that will have a hint of webdesign advertisement for myself... read more

  • Hovering rain posted - 4 comments

    Ok, yesterday I saw the coolest thing I've ever seen before (and kevin was a witness). I live in a building where the windows are sunken in about 3 feet, and when the wind blows it sort of creates a little wind tunnel in the little nook. Anyway, it was storming REALLY bad here the other day and kevin and I were watching out my window. As we're watching, tons of rain drops right in front of my window just stop in mid air. The drops just stayed in one position for a good 10 seconds... read more

  • broo-x? posted

    "Oh cool, this looks nice, is that"-jill geerlings-schmidthehe, this is a little quote from a lady that I work with, she is incredibly cool, but broox is pronounced like brooks (my last name)! read more

  • Nice (By Aaron) posted - 1 comment

    I love the colors used on the site... I also noticed that there is a BrooX - Nice Try page when I was trying to surf through the BrooksFSW directories. read more

  • My last name posted

    Brooks is the 69th most commonly used last name in the United States. Pretty cool huh? read more

  • sweet (By Kevin) posted - 3 comments

    sweetness read more