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  • Small CIA posted - 10 comments

    Small CIA is finally complete. The movie itself is about 10 minutes long and it's pretty flippin good considering we filmed the movie in 1 day, and I edited it in 3 sessions. There is also about 10 minutes of outtakes and funny stuff at the end. This includes a few "cky style" clips of my cousins riding their bikes into chain link fences, hah. I probably won't be able to put it online due to the length of the movie, but if you live around me, maybe you'll get a chance to see it... read more

  • Is that a Talon? posted - 15 comments

    I've started ordering parts for my car lately. First of all I ordered a new body kit, which will totally change the look of it. Both of my bumpers and the sides of the car will be different. The kit I ordered is called the blitz kit. You can see it on a red eclipse here and here... read more

  • Small CIA posted - 3 comments

    So, while I was watching my cousins, we decided to make a little movie. On my way to their house I stopped by American Appliances and picked up a Sony digital 8 camera. Later that night we wrote a storyline and script. Sunday we filmed the entire movie (and only got kicked out of a mall and a hospital). Actually we sorta got kicked out of the mall twice... read more

  • Summer! posted - 6 comments

    Alright, so I just took my last final of the year and my summer has officially started! For the next couple days I'll be packing, then I'm going to Des Moines to watch my cousins for a few days (and we might make a little action movie, hehe)... Then on June 4th I start working full time as the Cornell College Web Team Manager, and on the 5th I'll get started part time at Subway. In September I'll be doing a networking and database internship for Lujack's Auto Plaza, which is the largest privately owned dealership in the nation. And then I'll start classes again around October.At the begining of July I'll be at Cornerstone, which is a 4 day long punk/hardcore concert with hundreds of bands... read more

  • Employed! posted - 10 comments

    So I just got a job for the summer... finally. It turns out I'll be living in Mount Vernon for the summer and working on the Cornell Website. I've also probably got a job rebuilding a website for another company in the Quad Cities, and possibly a job at Subway (for a few extra bucks)? Who knows, but things are looking up for me. read more

  • Turbo's GT posted - 10 comments

    My buddy, Aaron, liked my Nova video so much that he wanted one of his own. Aaron drives a Mustang GT (so fast)... and we thought we could do a couple cool things in a video. The only problem was, I live about 2 hours from Aaron, and have no video of his car. But, something worked out...My other buddy, Zach, is also getting into video editing and had to make a "how to" video for a class he was in... read more

  • Nova posted - 4 comments

    There is a good chance that I blew the engine of my Talon last Friday... which sucks, but i'll find out the verdict soon. Yesterday, I put together a little video in remembrance of my first car. Yes, I miss that thing, heh. It was a 1963 Chevy II Nova... read more

  • More publicity... posted - 2 comments

    I was interviewed by the ever popular Malibu Mark Manuel on All Hit 98.9 this morning. Check out the interview in the recognition section. It's kinda funny. read more

  • Once again... posted - 1 comment

    I got pulled over tonight for the little blue lights on my hood, hehe. apparently they're really not street legal. This makes the 10th time I've gotten pulled over... and I still have only 1 ticket on my record. read more

  • YM posted - 9 comments

    Alright, it's almost March and the April 2002 issue of YM magazine is being distributed to subscribers all over the U.S. Why does this matter? Because me and 10 of my friends did a photo shoot with YM last summer and some of us are going to be in it! That's right, a writer from YM (Sara Lyle... who's awesome) flew down from New York, and 2 Photographers drove down from Chicago... read more

  • Spanish, Kevin, and Portfolio posted - 5 comments

    I did a few updates to the site... First of all, I wrote a Spanish Flashcard program for a class at Cornell. It's written in PHP so if you want to check it out you can by clicking here. If you want more info about this program, check out a more detailed description of it in the portfolio section. I also completely redid the portfolio section... read more

  • Premier Snowskates posted - 4 comments

    Snowskates? They're not skiboards like you might think... they're basically skateboards that you take in the snow. I have been talking to Premier lately and they're letting me demo their product. They sent me JP Walker's model, which is pimp... read more

  • New Design posted - 6 comments

    What up. If you haven't already noticed, I've redesigned the site. But since it's completely different... you probably noticed. I changed the color scheme from blue, red, and grey to green and grey... read more

  • Updates posted - 3 comments

    I added some pictures to the people section, so feel free to check those out. And if you noticed that there has been an error when trying to post comments lately... It's fixed now.Also look out for a video coming soon. My roommate (Kevin Switzer) made his first music video, and I got to help out with the production of it. It's pretty cool, I'll feature it on here when it's complete. read more

  • It has been unveiled posted - 4 comments

    What is it? If you haven't heard, IT has been talked about since january 10, 2001. No one knew what it was except for a select few, who were sworn to secrecy. All anyone knew is that it was supposed to be some sort of revolution in personal transportation. It was unveiled this morning on "Good Morning America." It is a two wheeled "scooter type" vehicle, but the wheels are on the sides, rather than on the front and rear... read more

  • microsoft's x-box posted - 10 comments

    playStation2, GameCube, and X-box.... you know what I think? I think Microsoft can leave this market alone. Why do they need to take over something else? I mean sure, the graphics and things are incredible... read more

  • frowny face to the max... posted - 1 comment

    My car got put into the garage for the winter :-(. i took my system out and it's setting in my room, not getting used, poor thing. i guess it's better though because it can't get stolen, and i won't risk ruining my car in the snow. One good thing... I got a new snowboard this weekend and I'm ready for the season! read more

  • I'm a cop posted - 5 comments

    Ok, so I've come to the conclusion that the little LED lights on my hood are not legal. Pictured here.Here's the story... Tonight I was driving out of Subway with my buddy Jeff with my LEDs on. There was a car in front of me who slowed way down, signaled, and pulled off the side of the road... My buddy Jeff starts crackin up and yells Dude! read more

  • New Pictures posted

    I did a few mods to my car and added some pictures. just a few lights here and there.... read more

  • Broox Extreme is up! posted - 2 comments

    I have my newest site, Broox Extreme up. It is now (which bumped this to I've added it to my portfolio section and gave a breif description of it. Be sure to check it out.Other than that, life is going pretty good. I've almost got my car paid for, I'm learning spanish, and i'm single...... read more