I write... occasionally

Here's a collection of 637 pieces of nonsense that I've felt the need to journal about over the past 21.9 years.


...that dude is sooo cool, hahaha. yeah, thats right... he's dancing.

look at that little bugger go!


A couple people have requested a Message Board/Forum on the site so I added one today. I actually got it right on the first try too, hehe. Anyway, if you just want to ramble about something, or read other people's ramblings, check out the forum.


I added some pictures to the People section... and changed it from friends to people. Although it will be mostly just friends... i will have family and other stuff.


I took the Webdesign link down today and changed it to "Professional". The reason being... I'd like to publish all my projects on that page. So it will include web design, database design, videos, and any other projects. I added a little to it also... so check it out.


Ok, broox.com is now officially online! I know that some of you had seen the site as I've been building it on my school server... but then you probably noticed that it got shut down. That's because I got into a little trouble for having an anonymous email system on Cornell's server. Anyway, they took away my php rights on the campus server, so I couldn't do anything more to my site. I then uploaded the site to my new host (nata2.com).

Ok, I have added more, edited more, and imported the databases... so now everything is up and running at it's permanent location, broox.com. I wasn't able to recover all the comments, but I got some of them... sorry if your comment got deleted during the switch. Anyway, the site is not complete... but …


Want to send anonymous email? I actually wrote some code to do so... Click here to check it out, but please dont be stupid about it, and don't get me in trouble. You are responsible for anything you send out using the email page. but have fun, hehe.

Answering machine beats

I'm gonna make a lot of songs out of various answering machine messages that I've gotten. Once everything is settled with broox.com then I will start uploading them in real audio format.

I'm gonna place beats behind cool answering machine messages and scratch the voices... I've got 1 done... should be cool.

Fixed! ...and prettier

So, I got the comment counter to work today. I also wrote a little statement that makes the word 'comment' plural or not depending on the amount of comments... easy, but still kinda nice.

Errors n stuff

Hey, if you notice the error for the undefined variable on the Home page, just ignore it. Also ignore the comment counters. They are SO close to working, but each number is shifted down 1 article. So if this article gets 2 comments, then the Mac 10 article will say it has 2 comments... and so on. Anyway, please just bear with me while I get this straightened out.

Mac 10

"Why did you ask me if I listened to mac 10? Is that some kind of lesbian music or something?"
-jill geerlings-schmidt

hehe, I love this lady.

Random Pictures

Alright, I got the code done for the random picture generator. I tried using some code that I got off a friend, but couldnt get it to work, so I broke down and coded it myself. Anyway, every time the home page loads, it brings up a different picture. It also generates a new alt tag, so if you're confused about a picture, just hold your mouse over it for a short description.


For the few people that are checking out my site already... do you have any ideas for things I could put up on my site? e.g. - links, pages, etc. I understand that this site wont be that popular because its mainly just a personal site that will have a hint of webdesign advertisement for myself... but I'm looking for a few things that might bring people back to the site. I am working on a random picture generator, so that there will be a huge amount of pictures on the main page that could load. This might be something that keeps people interested.... but maybe not. Anyway, give me feedback.

Hovering rain

Ok, yesterday I saw the coolest thing I've ever seen before (and kevin was a witness). I live in a building where the windows are sunken in about 3 feet, and when the wind blows it sort of creates a little wind tunnel in the little nook. Anyway, it was storming REALLY bad here the other day and kevin and I were watching out my window. As we're watching, tons of rain drops right in front of my window just stop in mid air. The drops just stayed in one position for a good 10 seconds. They did not go up, down, left, or right. They just stayed still... 40 feet above the ground...

Nice (By Aaron)

I love the colors used on the site... I also noticed that there is a BrooX - Nice Try page when I was trying to surf through the BrooksFSW directories.


"Oh cool, this looks nice, is that brew-ex.com?"
-jill geerlings-schmidt

hehe, this is a little quote from a lady that I work with, she is incredibly cool, but broox is pronounced like brooks (my last name)!