Thursday, October 22, 2020

I slept 9 hours, checked in to 9 places, took 31 photos, wrote 1 microblog, and walked 3.31 miles. I was in Colorado.

8:13 am

Woke up after sleeping 9 hours

10:27 am

Birthday presents

10:28 am

Legos from Flynn

12:13 pm

Porch Brekkie

2:31 pm

Checked in at Northern Standard, Alma, Colorado

2:43 pm

Checked in at Exxon, Fairplay, Colorado

2:51 pm

Checked in at South Park Brewing, Fairplay, Colorado

3:43 pm

Headin to Loveland pass

4:04 pm

Loveland Pass

4:07 pm

Walkin around loveland pass

4:07 pm

Checked in at Loveland Pass, Dillon, Colorado

4:09 pm

Great view

4:12 pm

Nerdy landmark sign photo

4:23 pm

A pretty drive

4:24 pm

Mountain driving

4:42 pm

Checked in at Keystone Groccery, Keystone, Colorado

4:46 pm

A nice drive

4:56 pm

Sapphire Point

4:57 pm

Checked in at Sapphire Point Overlook, Dillon, Colorado

4:59 pm

Ground squirrels everywhere

4:59 pm

Sapphire Point

4:59 pm

Sapphire Point Selfie

5:00 pm


5:00 pm

Sapphire Point

5:03 pm

Sniffin around Sapphire Point

5:03 pm

A pretty walk.

5:48 pm

Checked in at Spirit Line Cabin, Alma, Colorado

6:01 pm

Anniversary toast

8:14 pm

Checked in at Salado, Fairplay, Colorado

8:35 pm

Trout time

8:36 pm

Takeout dinner

8:37 pm

Checked in at Spirit Line Cabin, Alma, Colorado

8:58 pm

Love cake from Drea and Yusuf

9:01 pm


9:13 pm

This cabin that we’re at has a Grateful Dead shot-ski... and Kari is refusing to take anniversary shot-skis with me.

9:49 pm

Ms Pac-Man

9:50 pm

More pac-man

9:55 pm

Old man comin to hang

10:27 pm

I told Kari that if I got 40,000 points, she'd have to do a shotski with me. I failed.

10:28 pm

Havin a gay ol time

10:39 pm

Fell asleep

10:47 pm

The grateful dead shotski that Kari refuses to use with me

10:47 pm

Garth is knocked out on a couple benadryl, hahah