I turned 41 years old

  • 181.4 lbs

    average weight

    ranging from 177.8 to 185.2 lbs
  • 1,088

    miles walked

    averaging 4.9 mi per day
  • 7.6

    average hours asleep

    and 8.1 hours in bed
  • 1,225

    photos taken

    across 161 days
  • 992

    check ins

    averaging 5 per day
  • 224

    microblog entries

    averaging 1.6 per day
  • 4

    blog entries

    1 less than 2021
  • 46

    days away from home

    35 outside my state
  • 11

    states visited

    Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska and Tennessee
  • 2


    1 more than 2021

Big remarks


If you’re watching Kim Reynolds’s response to the state of the union, please accept our apology and just appreciate Iowa’s pretty capital building in the background.

Whenever you're feeling down about your tech company salary, stock, bonus, or raise, I always recommend that you talk to one of your teacher friends about it and see how they feel.

When I talked to my former manager about leaving the company to take a break from the tech industry, she asked me to send a formal resignation email to kick off the HR process. Here’s what I sent… t.co/47RLXqUwxg

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