Saturday, August 5, 2023

I slept 7.13 hours, checked in to 5 places, took 41 photos, and walked 6.02 miles. I was in Wisconsin.

7:04 am

Woke up after sleeping 7.13 hours

8:26 am

This was not a small cairn

8:35 am

Bobcats, bears, deer, and coyotes

9:58 am

Mom made some birthday brunches

11:12 am

Hangin on this deck

12:17 pm

I was in charge of driving on the boat's maiden voyage

12:24 pm

Boatin with this babe

12:39 pm

Lil pine island

12:48 pm

Checked in at Donner's Bay Resort, Butternut, Wisconsin

12:54 pm

I think this was my first time driving a boat to a bar

1:06 pm

Big ol muskie lures

1:43 pm

Enjoying the new boat

1:48 pm

Turtle Flambeau

1:48 pm


1:49 pm

Rod takes the wheel

1:56 pm

Islands and bogs

2:12 pm

Heading toward Trude Lake

2:16 pm

Guess we're gonna try to drive through that tunnel

2:17 pm

Puckered holes

2:19 pm

Calm lake

2:40 pm

Pink rock island

2:50 pm

Mom and Rod's place

3:06 pm

Kari and Durby playing in the water

3:06 pm

Fetchin boy

3:11 pm

Jaxon swimming by with a stogie

6:03 pm

The road to dinner

6:07 pm

Checked in at Aberdeen Restaurant & Bar, Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin

6:21 pm

Birthday Tini

7:10 pm

Mexican style walleye and beef stew. Very, very tasty.

7:30 pm

A little cranberry creme brulee

7:32 pm

Very satisfied with that dinner

7:55 pm

A smokey sunset over Manitowish waters

7:56 pm

Red sunset over a glass lake

7:58 pm

Just hanging in these trees

8:15 pm

Checked in at Little Bohemia Lodge, Manitowish, Wisconsin

8:23 pm

This place was apparently known for their grasshopper drinks. They were out, but offered us a Brandy Alexander instead. This was it, lol

8:40 pm

Live music and ice cream at the Little Bohemia Lodge

8:40 pm

Tommy gun

9:07 pm

Checked in at The Pines, Mercer, Wisconsin

9:12 pm

Listening to some live music at The Pines

9:17 pm

"throw another pallet on the fire"

9:26 pm

Hello, doe

9:31 pm

Checked in at "Claire de Loon" | World's Largest Loon, Mercer, Wisconsin

9:34 pm

Hangin with Claire D'loon

9:35 pm

This is apparently the world's biggest loon

11:22 pm

Evergreens and stars

11:28 pm

Stars over Turtle Flambeau Lake