Sunday, October 30, 2022

I slept 8.73 hours, took 19 photos, and walked 4.43 miles. I was in Montego Bay, Saint James, Jamaica.

7:59 am

Woke up after sleeping 8.73 hours

9:55 am

Happy Halloween from Jamaica

9:55 am

Havin a great time here on this beach

9:57 am

Did you know that Red Stripe was originally brewed in Galena, Illinois

12:14 pm

Playin in the ocean with Red n Rik

12:20 pm

Girlies floatin around

12:28 pm

Rum punch groupie

1:01 pm

Mimosa lovers

1:19 pm

This resort was hilariously close to the montego bay runway

2:12 pm

More jerk foods

3:06 pm

Ricki ordered, and received a chili dog

3:55 pm

Red's feelin good when he pulls this one out

4:52 pm

Hot tub hangin

5:13 pm

Golden hour

5:29 pm

These ants were really movin this piece of cheese.

5:35 pm

Another sunset from the room

5:56 pm

One last evening sky from the room

9:17 pm

Steak, lobsters, and tunas with our friend, Butch

9:32 pm

I ordered a willy wonka creme brulee. it was the wildest, sweetest thing ever. I couldn't even get halfway through it.

9:32 pm

Shortbread lover

10:42 pm

Fell asleep