Saturday, October 8, 2022

I slept 6.75 hours, took 38 photos, and walked 8.50 miles. I was in Harpers Ferry and Waterville, Iowa.

12:02 am

This should be warm enough for a bit, haha

12:10 am

Fell asleep

7:49 am

Woke up after sleeping 6.75 hours

8:05 am

This dude had a pretty sweet winter camping set up

8:17 am

Welp, it apparently got below freezing last night

8:18 am

Kari's gotta go

8:55 am

Durby would like some crispy peas

9:12 am

Cookin up some brekkie

9:14 am

Durby would like some bacon

9:36 am

Campfire toast

11:02 am

Driving through the driftless area in the fall is somethin special

11:06 am

This dog was running alongside us at 20-25mph

11:11 am

A fall drive in NE Iowa

11:42 am

Durby checks it out

11:46 am

Lookin over the edge

11:47 am

Hikin cousins

11:47 am

Harper's Ferry bluffs

11:51 am

Hangin at this Harper's Ferry lookout

11:54 am

Branches n Bluffs

12:35 pm

Making sure we're still comin

12:51 pm


12:53 pm

Mississippi River Valley Stuff

12:53 pm

Mississippi River Selfie

12:58 pm

Hiking around

2:05 pm

Dutch oven nachos

2:34 pm

Birthday presents from Liz

2:43 pm

Stayin warm by the fire

4:30 pm

Huh... ok.

4:46 pm

Goin to check out some views from the little paint bluffs

4:48 pm

Little Paint Lookout

4:48 pm

Little Paint Lookout

4:49 pm

A few vultures...

4:50 pm

Hanging at the little paint overlook

5:29 pm

Harlow got into some burrs. She also doesn't like her photo taken

5:41 pm

Afternoon walk

5:54 pm

The build quality on Timberleaf teardrops is soooo nice. It really highlights how slapped together the Vintage Trailer Works campers are

6:03 pm

Cold camping means: hanging by the campfire

6:24 pm


7:27 pm

Dutch oven kraut + potatoes + brats

9:48 pm

Sleepy boy

10:22 pm

Fell asleep