Saturday, November 14, 2020

I slept 7.95 hours, checked in to 3 places, took 73 photos, and walked 5.34 miles. I was in Carlisle, Hamilton, and Des Moines, Iowa.

7:37 am

Woke up after sleeping 7.95 hours

9:09 am

The Jeeps

9:33 am

Checked in at Casey's, Carlisle, Iowa

10:19 am

Checked in at Make It Or Break It, Hamilton, Iowa

10:48 am

Cullen's Tundra is a beast

10:53 am

This puddle was a little deep

10:54 am

Tryin to plan the next route

10:56 am

Gettin muddy

11:00 am


11:07 am

What's out here?

11:14 am

crooked trails

11:14 am

Feels good to get the silverback stallion into the woods

11:15 am

Powers 4x4

11:17 am

Checkin out the lake

11:18 am

Cousin stuff

11:18 am

Checkin out this crazy clear/blue water

11:19 am

Cullen firing up the drone to check out the rest of the area

11:20 am


11:21 am

Found a lake

11:22 am

I've never seen water this clear in Iowa

11:23 am

Mud n Ruts

11:25 am

Headin toward the playground

11:27 am

Rollin along these lakes

11:28 am


11:29 am

Some sport utility vehicles

11:36 am

Between the lakes

11:36 am

The rigs

11:38 am

Checkin out the steep hill

11:43 am

Steve takes the lead

11:45 am

Climbin this hill with Slurpin Steve

11:47 am

Jon climbing the hill

11:49 am

Here comes the beast

11:51 am

Big ol Tundra

11:55 am

It's pretty back here

12:24 pm

Tryin to get up this steep, slick hill

12:31 pm


12:31 pm

She wasn't sure at first... but I think she's actually enjoying this.

12:32 pm

The swervin silver squirrel

12:39 pm

The Salt n Pepper Slammer

12:47 pm

The crew

12:51 pm

Follow the leader

12:52 pm


12:52 pm

The slitherin silver snake

12:58 pm

Hills n rivers n ruts

1:01 pm

Look at this water

1:08 pm

Tryin not to spread cooties

1:09 pm

Ohp, cooties!

1:09 pm


1:19 pm

Drivin around these hills

1:20 pm

The playground

1:22 pm

Steep hills, deep ruts

1:33 pm

"if it looks deep, it probably is"

1:33 pm


1:35 pm

Got some mud in the Jeep

1:50 pm

Takin the big guy up the gully

1:54 pm

Jon flexin

1:55 pm

Flexin n rubbin

2:10 pm

Down the hill

2:12 pm

Gettin tippy

2:12 pm

The Gully

2:13 pm

Goin down this Gully

2:13 pm

Swamp scented silver stomper

2:15 pm

Down the gully

2:15 pm


2:15 pm


2:16 pm

Cullen Powers

2:18 pm

Straddlin the rut

2:24 pm

Driving along the river

2:24 pm

The woods

2:28 pm

Tippy time

2:51 pm

Steve and Cullen had some neat toys

2:53 pm

The silverback warthog

4:24 pm

Checked in at Brooks' Dead End Ranch, Des Moines, Iowa

7:52 pm

Iā€™m yer pizza boy!

7:56 pm

Pizza makin

8:02 pm


8:30 pm

Pizza night!