Friday, December 30, 2022

I slept 7.25 hours, checked in to 12 places, took 42 photos, wrote 1 microblog, and walked 4.65 miles. I was in Iowa and Illinois.

7:49 am

Woke up after sleeping 7.25 hours

9:42 am

Checked in at Ritual Cafe, Des Moines, Iowa

10:52 am

Checked in at Brooks' Dead End Ranch, Des Moines, Iowa

11:55 am

Saved my credit card from inside the e-brake shoe without having to take everything apart!

12:12 pm

Checked in at Fleur Car Wash, Des Moines, Iowa

1:14 pm

Spontaneous trip to the Quad cities to ride bikes and drink beers with buds? OK

2:03 pm

Checked in at Kum & Go, Coralville, Iowa

3:10 pm

Checked in at Front Street Brewery, Davenport, Iowa

3:32 pm

Checked in at Front Street Brewery (Freight House), Davenport, Iowa

3:57 pm

Mitch always has a way of pulling a crew together

4:46 pm

Didn't wanna take the time to set up a good shot, but wouldja just look at it?

4:50 pm

Brought the old aluminum Raleigh. It felt much more sluggish than my Standard.

4:50 pm

A picture of a picture!

4:54 pm

Ridin off

4:59 pm


5:06 pm

Checked in at Wake Brewing, Rock Island, Illinois

5:07 pm

All he wanted was a pepsi

5:10 pm

First stop, Wake

5:23 pm

Hug Five

5:43 pm

Mitch and Kelly

5:50 pm

A nice picture of my friends

6:04 pm

Wake Brewing

6:22 pm

Augustana campus

6:23 pm


6:24 pm

Ridin wheelies on the fatty

6:38 pm

"Hey, Mitch, can you ride a wheelie across that bridge?" "I'll try"

7:00 pm

Checked in at Against The Grain Brewery & Ale House, Rock Island, Illinois

7:05 pm

Working on gettin a couple balls loose

7:08 pm

Mitch ran the table that night

7:20 pm

Kelly is good at pool

7:41 pm

The handles are horns

7:57 pm

Zach dropped by to hang out!

8:55 pm

Checked in at Poor Boys Pizza and Pub, Rock Island, Illinois

9:24 pm

Gettin to enjoy some QC style pizza was an unexpected perk

10:01 pm

Checked in at Git-n-Go, Rock Island, Illinois

10:07 pm

Williams White & Co Machine Shop No. 3

10:08 pm

Whatcha doin over there, bud?

10:16 pm

Pulled up to Tommy's

10:17 pm

Checked in at Tommy's, Moline, Illinois

10:23 pm

The itches

10:29 pm

Kelly and Lyle

10:29 pm


11:11 pm

About to bike over the new 74 bridge and came across this tragedy

11:15 pm

Hangin on the new I74 bridge with Kelly

11:15 pm

Looks like his back really hurts today

11:15 pm

New 74 bridge

11:18 pm

The old I-74 Bridge

11:18 pm

i74 bridge

11:19 pm

Checked in at New I-74 Bridge, Moline, Illinois

11:21 pm

Gettin a nice look at it before it goes away

11:24 pm

We're about to try to get onto the old i-74 bridge right over there

11:31 pm

New i-74 bridge

11:37 pm

It's unreal that you can just bike right up onto the old i-74 bridge like this

11:51 pm

I-74 bridge club

11:53 pm

i-74 bridge club

11:59 pm

Havin a whizz