Saturday, February 2, 2008

I took 68 photos and wrote 2 microblogs. I was in Morgan and New Ulm, Minnesota.

12:03 am

I spent more on jukeboxes than drinks that night
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12:03 am

At the 2am bar

12:40 am

Chuck and Rico

12:47 am

Some girl that played pool with us

12:51 am


1:06 am

A good song must've been on?
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1:11 am


1:11 am

Sweet outfit

1:13 am


1:13 am


1:14 am

Those were Chuck's hand prints

1:40 am

Shootin Pool

1:59 am

We should not've been here

1:59 am


2:00 am


2:03 am

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2:42 am

Man... This couldn't be any straighter.

11:25 am

in new ulm. gettin lunch then headin into bockfest

12:04 pm

Outside the New Ulm Motel

12:24 pm

Combine crash derbys seem like a bad idea

12:37 pm

Line to Bockfest at 12:30

12:37 pm

This photo came in totally handy later

12:38 pm


12:41 pm

The Turkey Head

12:42 pm

Stream by the Bock Fest line

12:47 pm

Lines to drinking festivals...

1:12 pm

Boozer Shorts

1:26 pm

Schell Can on Antlers

1:29 pm

Schell Kegs

1:33 pm

Chuck getting some beers

1:39 pm

I think/hope this was beer.

1:42 pm

A big pitcher
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1:52 pm

This dude just fell and dropped all his beer

1:54 pm

Bout to ride down the hill

1:54 pm

There's a dude in that barrel

2:11 pm

Our hut

2:18 pm

Beer for Gobbler

2:19 pm


2:20 pm


2:23 pm

Pro Beer Bitch and Her Sister

2:36 pm

A fur dude
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2:44 pm

A teddy bear

2:52 pm

Be a fan, use the can

2:55 pm

Bockfest Crowd

3:00 pm


3:02 pm

Getting Carmelized

3:05 pm

Oh boy!

3:05 pm

Playing in the snow

3:07 pm

At least some is staying in the glasses...
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3:15 pm

The most hardcore ever

3:18 pm

The dude in red is security.

3:30 pm

Puttin the mack down

3:32 pm

Bockfest Crowd

3:32 pm


3:33 pm

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3:36 pm

Jeff and I

3:40 pm

The dude in front has a flask at a beer fest

3:50 pm

Josh, Monica, and her BF

3:55 pm

Jeff's Air Horn

4:13 pm

This was on a dude's hat

4:19 pm

Schell Cans

5:45 pm

The ride we got from the sign on the tree

5:45 pm

Chuck n Jeff

6:05 pm


7:45 pm

Zen R Fanklib

9:19 pm

My Gobbler

9:20 pm


9:23 pm

The Gobbler
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9:51 pm

At George's Ballroom
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9:52 pm

We snuck into George's Ballroom