February 28, 2008

I wrote 5 microblogs.

i work hard for the money. so hard for the money.
i was just thinking to myself, "if theres one thing we havent had enough of - it's snow." and wouldnt ya know it, more snow!
just shoveled. reading about some frameworks, going to work out, then maybe bedazzling the part of my phone that broke off, haha.
wifey's stressed, so i dont get to work out. 1 comment
just worked out and now i'm back at old chicago, haha.

Listened to

The Black Keys, Ghostland Observatory, Lords Of Acid, Re-Up Gang, Sway, Mr. Oizo, Diplo, 2Pac, Madrox, Hot Chip, Para One, Paul Wall, Estelle, Mindless Self Indulgence, Maxilla Blue, and more...