Friday, February 22, 2008

I took 9 photos and wrote 10 microblogs. I was in Urbandale, Iowa.

12:00 am

ive got 7/8s of my phone. can anyone find the other part on the floor?

12:04 am

They're loving guys...

12:06 am

Nehru loves to love.

12:06 am

Some Chick

12:09 am

This dude was tearing it up for about 27 seconds.

12:42 am

I probably didn't need that Redbull

12:44 am

drink. the original fun bar (as long as you're doing it tom baldwin's way)

12:45 am

Birthday peeps

12:48 am


12:51 am


1:15 am

just got escoted outta drink for sitting down

2:23 am

tom baldwin is a dick. tom baldwin's employees are retarded.

7:20 am

quick shower, then waiting for mediacom...

10:11 am

welp mediacom was a now show. sweet. heading to work.

5:32 pm

@ sambetti's

5:53 pm

going to el bait shop i guess.

6:22 pm

el bait shop is insane. tons of media are here. something's going on with some stars peeps and a pinata on tv?

8:32 pm

beer and hanging out with ben and some army peeps at my place.

11:04 pm

the lumberyard, haha.
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