Tuesday, March 15, 2022

I checked in to 5 places, took 28 photos, and walked 6.73 miles. I was in Colorado.

9:06 am

Checked in at Main Street Restaurant, Idaho Springs, Colorado

9:19 am

Fuelin up before snowboarding. This breakfast spot was so good.

9:38 am

Checked in at Kum & Go, Idaho Springs, Colorado

10:11 am

To the mountains

10:45 am

Checked in at Copper Mountain, Copper Mountain, Colorado

11:40 am


11:54 am

Finally got this girl on a mountain!

11:54 am

Goin up

12:15 pm

First run

12:24 pm

Kari trying to get in the groove

12:38 pm

I love this woman

1:24 pm

The best photo of me snowboarding from the day, haha

2:11 pm

Breaking for a big ol pile of mac and some burnt ends.

2:11 pm


2:55 pm

Goin back up

3:09 pm

Gosh. It's beautiful up here

3:14 pm

I need to get to the mountains more

3:15 pm

Happy place

4:08 pm

Goin up on the mountain coaster

4:09 pm

Gettin ready to coast down this mountain

4:17 pm

Kari comes flyin down the mountain coaster

4:17 pm

Havin fun on the mountain coaster

4:18 pm

Wrappin up the day

4:30 pm

A nice, cold post snowboard beer. Someone yelled "whoop whoooooop" at me, haha.

4:33 pm

Look at this girl

5:19 pm

Back to the cabin

5:26 pm

Dillon Lake. Outside Frisco.

5:26 pm

Mountain valley

6:28 pm

Checked in at Big Spruce Cabins, Idaho Springs, Colorado

7:30 pm

Checked in at Westbound & Down Brewing Company, Idaho Springs, Colorado

7:46 pm

Sampling another microbrewery

9:53 pm


10:16 pm