Wednesday, March 15, 2023

I slept 7.67 hours, checked in to 2 places, took 17 photos, and walked 4.26 miles. I was in Tempe and Mesa, Arizona.

6:32 am

Woke up after sleeping 7.67 hours

10:36 am

Checked in at Ken McDonald Golf Course, Tempe, Arizona

10:57 am

Guess we're golfin in the rain today

10:59 am

Went a little to the right on that drive

11:37 am

Wet boy

12:02 pm

Jerry is enjoying the rain

12:25 pm

Drivin in the rain

12:42 pm

Puttin in the rain

12:44 pm

Wet boys

3:04 pm

Checked in at Citrus Gardens, Mesa, Arizona

6:32 pm

Trying to figure out the ADA lift

6:35 pm

Doesn't work!

8:09 pm

Clankin teeth

9:14 pm

Trying out the new whiskey smoker

9:19 pm

Smokin cocktails

9:22 pm

Jerry's old fashioneds

9:23 pm

Smoked old fashioneds

9:24 pm

Mmm, smokey

9:24 pm

Hangin with the Morrises

9:26 pm