Saturday, April 22, 2023

I slept 4.72 hours, checked in to 1 place, took 119 photos, and walked 8.23 miles. I was in Ozone, Dover, Lamar, and Hagarville, Arkansas.

12:07 am

Sleeping arrangements in my 2-door wrangler camper

12:12 am

They sell Yuengling in Arkansas

12:24 am

Steve's rooftop tent

12:44 am


2:07 am

Ambient lit camper, heh

2:15 am


2:54 am

Fell asleep

7:52 am

Woke up after sleeping 4.72 hours

8:11 am

Morning at the campsite

8:12 am

Water outside of our campsite

8:43 am

Gettin ready for a smoother ride

8:48 am

The campsite

8:55 am

Skottle Brekkie

8:55 am

Packin up to hit the trails

9:41 am

Stream by the campsite

9:42 am

Ozark waters

10:13 am

Plan of attack

10:15 am

The trail

10:22 am

ozark-first-crossing - 2

10:23 am


10:23 am


10:23 am

The Fundra

10:24 am

Cullen's Tremor

10:29 am

One less slow camper

10:38 am

A swampy little trail

10:54 am

Garrett getting around a tight spot

11:03 am

Stretchin out while waiting for Cullen to get through

11:05 am

Need a little help to get around the corner

11:11 am

Winching the super duty around the corner

11:12 am

Got that wheel way up in it

11:15 am

Steve's turn

11:15 am


11:20 am

Morning break

11:26 am


11:27 am

Enjoying the scenery

11:27 am


11:28 am

Ozark streams

11:32 am

For whatever reason, they sent me first on the larger water crossings, haha

11:33 am


11:47 am

Gettin close to the fording limits

11:48 am

They said that the Jeep should go first

11:50 am

Steve coming across

11:51 am

Jordan plowing through

11:51 am

Cullen, back in deep water with the 250

11:51 am

A little rocky

11:51 am

Plowin through

11:52 am


12:05 pm

Felt like driving up a river, hah

12:29 pm

Fast roads

12:30 pm

Objects in mirror

12:35 pm

Where ya going, Steve?

12:36 pm

Guess we're doing down there

12:37 pm

The water is wild in the ozarks

12:46 pm

A tight squeeze for Cullen

12:49 pm

The Fundra

1:09 pm

Gettin a little tippy

1:12 pm

Splittin some giant ruts

1:19 pm

Big trucks in the forest

1:34 pm

Through the young pines

1:36 pm

Rollin through the forest

1:37 pm

Checkin out the trail

2:30 pm

Headin to lunch

2:58 pm

Ozone Burger Barn

3:07 pm

Chillin at Ozone Burger. Showing off the go fast camper.

3:07 pm

Overflow parking

3:08 pm

These colors don't run

3:13 pm

Checked in at Ozone Burger Barn, Ozone, Arkansas

3:45 pm

This tasted pretty awesome after a morning of intense trails

4:26 pm

Back to the trails

4:38 pm

Drivin through the forest

4:39 pm


4:40 pm

Garrett Flexin

4:42 pm

Inspecting some things

4:45 pm

Trail driving

4:58 pm

Three wheelin Tacoma

4:59 pm

Steve in the rearview

5:03 pm

Testing the waters

5:04 pm

Go for it!

5:04 pm

Mud puddles

5:05 pm

Gettin muddy

5:07 pm

Cleanup on aisle 9, please

5:08 pm

Jordan's chainsaw came in very handy

5:10 pm

Cleaning up trails

5:22 pm

side-by-sides playin in the river

5:23 pm

Whippin donuts in the river

5:23 pm

Looks pretty fun, tbh

5:29 pm

Gettin a drink

5:29 pm

Enjoying these ozark streams

5:32 pm

Steve wanted a taste of river donuts

5:32 pm

playing in the river

5:34 pm

River driving

5:34 pm

Back to the campsite

5:34 pm

Just driving across this lil waterfall

5:36 pm

Gettin setup at camp

5:41 pm

Leveled for camping

5:52 pm

Playin in the river

5:56 pm


5:58 pm

Steve goes to take care of business while Jordan chills

6:02 pm

Riverside campsite

6:03 pm

A beautiful spot

7:14 pm

Campsite chillin

7:14 pm

The steves

7:15 pm

Such a nice spot to camp

7:17 pm

Lookin up the river

7:17 pm

Looking down stream

7:18 pm

Steves chilling on the cascading waterfall

7:38 pm

Time for some sky pics

7:40 pm


7:40 pm


7:40 pm

The camping spot from above

7:41 pm

Maple leaves

7:41 pm

The campsite

7:42 pm

Such a great spot

7:43 pm

ozark-saturday-camp - 31

7:52 pm

Garrett's setup

7:59 pm

Riverside chillin

8:05 pm

The kids got the fire started

8:23 pm

Cooking a jacks pizza over a fire, hah

8:42 pm

More Jacks

9:55 pm


10:01 pm

Ethan finally arrives

10:04 pm

Ethan getting setup

10:18 pm

Fell asleep