Saturday, April 29, 2023

I slept 6.97 hours, checked in to 6 places, took 38 photos, wrote 2 microblogs, and walked 4.43 miles. I was in Madison, Wisconsin.

12:34 am

@harper I was actually just thinking about asking you for your climate fiction reading list. Thank you for this.

1:05 am

Fell asleep

9:04 am

Woke up after sleeping 6.97 hours

10:22 am

Checked in at Walgreens, Madison, Wisconsin

10:34 am

Madison Farmer's Market snacks

10:37 am

Apparently Stella's Spicy Cheese Bread is the thing to get in Madison

10:59 am

Checked in at DLUX, Madison, Wisconsin

11:18 am

Madison farmers market: many cheeses, breads, syrups, and a woman who dropped her pistol on the street and casually picked it up like it was a cell phone.

11:58 am

Checked in at Hilton Madison Monona Terrace Executive Lounge, Madison, Wisconsin

3:05 pm

Checked in at Walgreens, Madison, Wisconsin

4:15 pm

The illustration of his crybaby face is pretty great

4:23 pm

Checked in at Majestic Theatre, Madison, Wisconsin

4:35 pm

Tanner and Dana gettin married

4:36 pm

Dana and Tanner

4:36 pm

Such a fun wedding venue

4:43 pm

Dana and Tanner!

4:53 pm

I think I was 4 years old the last time I wore a bowtie

5:01 pm

Wedding goers

6:00 pm

Cocktail hour

6:08 pm

Speech time

6:18 pm

BBQ at a wedding. Not mad about that at all.

6:52 pm

Tanner's siblings are pretty hilarious

6:52 pm

Tanner's brother and sister

7:24 pm

First dance stuff

7:32 pm

Balcony selfie

7:35 pm

Tanner said there was gonna be a surprise band at his wedding. He was playing bass. lol.

7:39 pm

Skankin to live pop punk music at a wedding

7:39 pm

Enjoying the band

7:40 pm

Hot Cat Food

7:42 pm

This was super, super fun

7:49 pm

Bass soloooooo

7:49 pm

Tanner on bass

7:49 pm

Tanner Gregory

7:59 pm

And on bass, Tanner Gregory

7:59 pm

Hot Cat Food party

8:00 pm

Man, I feel like a woman

8:01 pm

Shania Twain

8:02 pm

Shania Twain dance party

8:03 pm

Wrapping up a super fun set

8:03 pm

Hot Cat Food

8:22 pm

Time for some old school hip hop

8:34 pm

The Wedding DJ

9:01 pm

Tanner and me

9:47 pm

Hip Hop Dance Party

9:48 pm

Gettin down at Tanner's wedding

9:49 pm

What a fun wedding

10:15 pm

Checked in at Madison's, Madison, Wisconsin

10:56 pm

Midnight snackin on some leftover Stella's spicy cheese bread

11:41 pm

Fell asleep