Sunday, April 4, 2021

I slept 8.13 hours, checked in to 4 places, took 3 photos, wrote 2 microblogs, and walked 3.16 miles. I was in Des Moines, Iowa.

12:53 am

Fell asleep

9:40 am

Woke up after sleeping 8.13 hours

11:07 am

Don’t forget about zombie Jesus and how he lifted off into space.
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11:34 am

1:26 pm

Checked in at Park Avenue Self Storage, Des Moines, Iowa

2:07 pm

Checked in at Casey's General Store, Des Moines, Iowa

2:34 pm

Bloody Beer Brunch

2:35 pm

Checked in at Peace Tree Brewing, Des Moines, Iowa

3:38 pm

A good day to go topless

7:22 pm

Checked in at Franka Pizza, Des Moines, Iowa

8:21 pm

Pulled some stickers out to sticker bomb a keg

11:14 pm

Fell asleep