April 5, 2008

I took 37 photos and wrote 12 microblogs. I was in Chicago.

deb deb debonair.
man i love chicago. i alwats forget how hot all the people are.
at le passage.
leavin evil olive. headin home in a sec
aww crap. my phone is apparently somewhere in wrigleyville.
weeeee, got my phone back. walking to wrigley.
far right as we can get in RF bleachers - 7 seats back. black cubs hat, fukudome bandana, sunglasses and zzz records shirt. dvr me!
cubs win! just had a beer at the ginger man, crashing charlies place, then heading back to harpers to charge my phone
my body feels funny. chicago partying to 4 hours of sleep to drinking at the cubs game to mini nap - and i'm about to start all over again
at some cornell event. i just found steph here, haha
mmm, andie's was good. heading to hot leaf
whoops, make that hop leaf. lots of fancy beers.