Sunday, April 5, 2009

I took 5 photos and wrote 4 microblogs. I was in Marion and Ankeny, Iowa.

10:14 am

back to work on the basement. hopefully get a couple panels hung before headin home.

1:41 pm

Kari's Mom's Banana Pie

4:36 pm

whoops, got caught up working and did not leave cedar rapids in time. guess i am missing broomball.
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6:54 pm

Radio Shack CT-301 Cellular Portable Telephone

6:54 pm

Rico's Cigar Roach

6:59 pm

Made a lot of progess on Jeff's basement walls

6:59 pm

Paneling in Jeff's Basement

7:29 pm

whew. got jeff's basement wired, insulated, and mostly walled. showering. eating pizza, then heading back to dsm.

10:34 pm

finally home. kinda worn out. wishing i had a sunday to relax, ha.