May 14, 2012

I checked in to 6 places, took 1 photo, wrote 5 microblogs, and walked 4.8 miles. I was in Ankeny, Des Moines, Iowa City, Utica, and Chicago.

checked in at Megabus Des Moines Stop, Des Moines, Iowa
The lack of audio leveling on the Megabus safety video is so maddening. It drives me insane... Especially after barely getting any sleep.
checked in at Megabus, Iowa City, Iowa
Pretty sure the entire Iowa City Asian community is touring Chicago this week. Fullest Megabus ever. 1 comment
checked in at Loves Travel Stop, Utica, Illinois
checked in at Megabus Stop, Chicago, Illinois
checked in at Obama 2012 Campaign HQ, Chicago, Illinois
I really new to buy that Century BOB that I've been hankerin for.
@NicoleK cosign
checked in at 913 N Hermitage Ave, Chicago, Illinois
Tired. On everything right now.
went to bed
fell asleep