May 4, 2012

I checked in to 8 places, took 18 photos, wrote 4 microblogs, walked 8.1 miles, and weighed 180.7 pounds. I was in Chicago, Tucson, Sonoita, and Nogales.

checked in at Obama 2012 Campaign HQ, Chicago, Illinois
Dag. I never got to see beastie boys live. RIP MCA. 2 comments
checked in at Midway International Airport (MDW), Chicago, Illinois
Southwest boarding is weird. And creepy. And now I know lacks even the loosest attachment to anything like reality. 2 comments
checked in at Tucson International Airport (TUS), Tucson, Arizona
checked in at Shell Gas Station, Sonoita, Arizona
checked in at Sonoita Inn, Sonoita, Arizona
checked in at Cunninghams Ranch House Restaurant, Sonoita, Arizona
Wow. I apparently need a cowboy hat to be in this part of the country... Blatant city slicker! 1 comment
checked in at Canela Bistro, Sonoita, Arizona
Driving across the dessert in a mustang convertible full of cute girls. Yes. 5 comments
checked in at Circle Z Guest Ranch, Nogales, Arizona

Listened to

Flosstradamus, Rustie, Hidden Orchestra, Gotye | Calvin Harris, and V-NA$TY