I turned 31 years old and celebrated 7 years with Kari

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    Arizona, District Of Columbia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, New York and Virginia
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    ranging from 176.3 to 185.5 lbs
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    and 8.2 hours in bed
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Big remarks


The mood, the things we built, this whole day. So positive. So amazing. Onto the rally to meet my wife!

A milli. A milli. A milli. A milli. A milli. A milli. A milli. A milli. A milli. A milli. A milli. A milli.

After a couple recent scares, some amazing news from my wife: @kbroox: Best news of the day? Healthy and cancer free lymphnodes!

Grandma just called to thank me for finding the blue book value of her SUV and to inform me that Obama's a Muslim and a liar. So thoughtful.

People whose hands I shook today: the new girl in analytics and The President of the United States.

In our world, the next 80-90 hours are "Election Day" ... This is the day I've spent the past 15 months building for. Let's do it.

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