Tuesday, June 15, 2021

I checked in to 1 place, took 24 photos, wrote 1 microblog, walked 7.53 miles, and weighed 179.6 pounds. I was in Pella, Des Moines, Carlisle, and Otley, Iowa.

10:46 am

Day 2 of sabbatical: I am ready to retire.

3:01 pm

Loaded up and ready to go

3:02 pm

Going camping in a topless Jeep... what could go wrong

3:23 pm

When you tell Google Maps to avoid highways, sometimes it sends you down gravel roads

3:23 pm

Topless Jeeps on gravel roads... a bit dusty

3:55 pm

Crossin Lake Red Rock

4:09 pm

Checked in at Wallashuk Camp Ground, Pella, Iowa

5:34 pm

Good boy

5:36 pm

Lake Red Rock from the campground

5:43 pm

Campsite chillin

5:43 pm

Havin a bone

5:44 pm

The post-setup beer

6:07 pm

The rig

6:33 pm

Ready to cook some dinner

6:44 pm


7:17 pm

Mac n cheese n chip crunchies

7:20 pm

First camp meal selfie. Very important.

8:20 pm

Chance of rain. Tucked in the Jeep for night

8:41 pm

Sunset at camp

8:42 pm

Hikin around the campground

8:42 pm

Lake Red Rock

8:42 pm

Kari and Benny

8:43 pm

Benny and Kari

8:52 pm

Dude thinks firewood is a bundle of chew toys

8:58 pm

Gettin that fire going

9:40 pm

Digging this setup

10:41 pm

Fell asleep