Wednesday, June 23, 2021

I slept 8.83 hours, checked in to 15 places, took 53 photos, and walked 6.07 miles. I was in South Dakota.

7:36 am

Woke up after sleeping 8.83 hours

9:42 am

Cookin up some brekkie

9:46 am


10:30 am

Good morning

11:27 am

Checked in at Ben Reifel Visitors Center, Interior, South Dakota

11:29 am

Checked in at Cliff Shelf Nature Trail - BNP, Interior, South Dakota

11:41 am

Checked in at Cliff Shelf Nature Trail - BNP, Interior, South Dakota

11:56 am

A martian land

11:58 am

Walkin around with the Butthole

11:59 am

The badlands are wild

12:00 pm

Very bad land

12:03 pm

Gettin a good look at it

12:04 pm

Havin a look

12:11 pm

Checked in at Window Trail, Interior, South Dakota

12:14 pm

Hot dog

12:27 pm

Drivin through the badlands

12:38 pm


12:38 pm

Kari Brooks

12:38 pm

Checked in at Badlands White River Valley Overlook, Wall, South Dakota

12:41 pm

Gettin those shots

1:06 pm

Lil painted mountains. Winding roads

1:10 pm

Hello, Ms. Big Horned Sheep

1:18 pm

Checked in at Pinnacles Overlook, Conata, South Dakota

1:23 pm

A couple big horned sheep hiding out

1:30 pm

A lone buff

1:46 pm

The boondocking area... Next time.

1:55 pm

Checked in at Buffalo Gap National Grassland, Wall, South Dakota

2:08 pm

Wall Drug

2:12 pm

Havin some lunch

2:13 pm

Checked in at Wall Drug, Wall, South Dakota

2:48 pm

Checked in at Subway, Wall, South Dakota

3:11 pm

My favorite bible verse

3:29 pm

Hey guys

3:31 pm

whatchu doin

3:43 pm

Drivin the back roads around the badlands

3:53 pm

lil prairie doggies

3:54 pm

Snackin in the prairie

3:55 pm

Checked in at Badlands Wilderness Overlook, Wall, South Dakota

3:55 pm

Checked in at Sage Creek Campground, Scenic, South Dakota

4:06 pm

Badlands stuff

4:07 pm

We're here. proof.

4:38 pm

Heading up sheep mountain road

4:50 pm

Checked in at Sheep Mountain Table, Badlands Nat'l Park, South Dakota

4:52 pm

Well this a pretty good view

4:56 pm

Just parkin here

5:02 pm

Wild views

5:05 pm

Big horned sheep

5:07 pm

Havin a look at it

5:07 pm

Big horned sheep fam

5:21 pm

Pointy mounds

5:27 pm

Hangin on this ledge

5:30 pm

Lookin at it

5:36 pm

These backroads are gettin extra backroadie

5:37 pm

Middle of nowhere

5:42 pm


5:45 pm

Sheep Mountain Road

5:45 pm

Sheep Mountain Road

6:44 pm

Checked in at Badlands Trading Post / Conoco, Philip, South Dakota

7:03 pm

Tiny prairie dog planet

7:03 pm

Look at this prairie dog

7:03 pm

Dork time

7:03 pm

Checked in at Prairie Dog Ranch, Philip, South Dakota

8:03 pm

Checked in at Cedar Pass Campground, Interior, South Dakota

8:15 pm

A storm's rolling in

8:31 pm

Scared of the storm

8:39 pm

A stormy sunset

8:46 pm

Stormy dinner

8:59 pm

Hidin out from the rain

9:26 pm