Sunday, June 18, 2017

I checked in to 1 place, took 26 photos, and walked 2.36 miles. I was in Rivas, Nicaragua.

8:03 am

Apparently following this trail takes us to a yoga class

8:05 am

Hiking to the yoga deck

8:08 am

Just did my first yoga class.

8:22 am

The yoga deck

9:16 am

A pretty nice view

9:19 am

Just yoga'd

10:07 am

Watching the Mexico vs Portugal soccer match in the beach club

10:46 am

Checked in at Mukul Resort, Rivas

10:57 am

We had this entire beach to ourselves

11:03 am


11:03 am

Swimming at Playa Guacalito

11:08 am

Look out at this crazy little island with what seemed to be tons of vultures circling it.

11:10 am

A big, really nice island from Playa Guacalito

11:15 am

Exploring Playa Guacalito with kari

11:15 am

Walking along the lava at Playa Guacalito

11:17 am

Wave splashes

11:18 am

A giant lava rock - with Kari getting sprayed by some crashing waves

11:20 am

Ocean. Lava rocks. Islands.

11:24 am

Some huge wave crashes off of Playa Guacalito

11:26 am

Walking along Playa Guacalito. We had the entire thing to ourselves.

11:39 am

Lava and waves

12:46 pm

A crazy tree behind Playa Guacalito

12:58 pm

Playa Guacalito

1:49 pm

Snacks on snacks on snacks.

4:35 pm

Flor de Caña rum tasting

4:48 pm

Hangin in the Flor de Caña rum room for a tasting

5:37 pm

Sippable rum exists... Flor de Caña 12
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