Tuesday, June 28, 2022

I slept 8.7 hours, checked in to 7 places, took 26 photos, and walked 6.36 miles. I was in Tennessee and Kentucky.

8:15 am

Woke up after sleeping 8.7 hours

11:53 am

Checked in at Piney Campground, Dover, Tennessee

12:44 pm

Took the doors off the Jeep to cruise around Land Between the Lakes

12:55 pm

Some Bison at Land Between the Lakes

12:57 pm

Hi Buffs

12:58 pm

Big boys

12:58 pm

Kari was not excited about the giant bison in the middle of the road while we had our doors off.

1:04 pm

Checked in at Elk & Bison Prairie, Trigg West, Kentucky

1:43 pm

Checked in at Dam Brewhaus, Benton, Kentucky

1:44 pm

This is apparently a brewery and tap room. The Dam Brewhaus

1:55 pm

Small home brewery

1:58 pm

The back yard of this brewery

1:58 pm

Taking advantage of the internet to do some facetiming

2:04 pm

Samplin some local beer

2:25 pm

The Dam Brewhaus

3:31 pm

Smoked bologna. Cheese. Ritz Crackers.

4:00 pm

Checked in at Aurora One Stop, Fairdealing, Kentucky

4:09 pm

Headin back to Land between Lakes

4:27 pm

Checked in at Turkey Bay Ohv Park, Murray, Kentucky

4:34 pm

Enjoying a doorless cruise through the woods

4:35 pm

This road was not paved well.

4:36 pm

This is a public road that exists on a map, haha

4:36 pm

Just drivin through these woods

4:38 pm

Checked in at Golden Pond Visitors Center, Trigg West, Kentucky

4:57 pm

This was a fun road

5:42 pm

Airin out my toes

6:04 pm

Checked in at Piney Campground, Dover, Tennessee

7:45 pm

CJ5 Jeep Renegade with the chevy bowtie and side exit exhaust.

8:18 pm

Campground cuddlin

8:26 pm

Trying to get Durby to come into the lake

8:27 pm

Brave boy

8:45 pm

Beautiful evening

8:48 pm

Watchin the sun go down

11:34 pm

So ridiculous

11:38 pm

Fell asleep