Tuesday, June 7, 2016

I checked in to 12 places, took 19 photos, wrote 1 microblog, and walked 7.08 miles. I was in Oberding and Munich, Bavaria, Germany.

1:06 am

Farmland flying into Munich

1:10 am

South Western German Landscape

1:10 am

A german village outside of Munich

1:14 am

Checked in at München Flughafen "Franz Josef Strauß" (MUC) (München Flughafen "Franz Josef Strauß"), Oberding, Bavaria

2:37 am

Heading toward our first hotel in Munich

2:55 am

Checked in at Anna Hotel, Munich, Bavaria

3:25 am

This is a nice mirror

3:29 am

Kari crashes for a quick nap before exploring

6:15 am

Checked in at Starbucks, Munich, Bavaria

6:30 am

Marienplatz streets

6:35 am


6:36 am

Gettin that Glockenspiel

6:36 am


6:43 am

Bikes. So many bikes.

6:53 am

New Town Hall

7:03 am

I wonder if anyone's ever rubbed that boob
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7:10 am

Checked in at Hofbräuhaus, Munich, Bavaria

7:32 am


7:46 am

wieners and kraut and potatoes and spoetzl

8:36 am

This was a super cool market that I wish we would've spent ome time in

8:45 am

Checked in at Birkenstock, Munich, Bavaria

8:51 am


9:05 am

Checked in at Esprit Store, Munich, Bavaria

9:36 am

Havin a Paulaner at a beer hall in Marienplatz

10:08 am

Watching the glockenspiel do some 5 o'clock glockenspiel stuff while sippin on a paulaner dunkel at a beer hall with @kbroox.

10:09 am

Checked in at Zum Spöckmeier, Munich, Bavaria

11:00 am

Checked in at Sporthaus Schuster GmbH, Munich, Bavaria

11:36 am

Checked in at Snipes, Munich, Bavaria

12:24 pm

Walking back to the hotel

12:33 pm

Checked in at Amorino - Gelato al Naturale, Munich, Bavaria

1:02 pm

Checked in at Anna Hotel, Munich, Bavaria

1:24 pm

Checked in at Italian Connection, Munich, Bavaria

2:42 pm

Went to bed

2:49 pm

Fell asleep