Saturday, July 11, 2015

I slept 8.82 hours, checked in to 12 places, took 19 photos, wrote 5 microblogs, and walked 3.84 miles. I was in Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts.

8:05 am

Woke up after sleeping 8.82 hours

11:21 am

Checked in at Globe Bar & Cafe, Boston, Massachusetts

11:51 am

Crabcake. Eggs. Benedict.

12:19 pm

It's a good thing this vacation is over tomorrow. I'm not sure our bodies can handle much more gluttony. #bigfatpigs

12:28 pm

Trinity Church

12:30 pm

Trinity Church

12:31 pm

Trinity Church

12:32 pm

Checked in at Trinity Church, Boston, Massachusetts

12:38 pm

Walkin into Trinity Church

12:38 pm

Some stained glass at Trinity Church

12:39 pm

Trinity pipes, stained glass, and ornate everything

12:40 pm

Looking up at Trinity Church

12:43 pm

The front of Trinity Church

12:45 pm

12:46 pm

Stained glass at the back of the church

1:08 pm

Just farted in a pew. HAHAHA.


1:10 pm

old vs new

1:12 pm

Old South Church

1:14 pm

Checked in at CVS/pharmacy, Boston, Massachusetts

1:25 pm

Checked in at Nike Boston, Boston, Massachusetts

1:37 pm

Checked in at Johnny Cupcakes, Boston, Massachusetts

1:46 pm

Johnny Cupcakes

1:49 pm

Checked in at The Frye Company, Boston, Massachusetts

1:53 pm

Frye ceiling art

2:02 pm

Checked in at Diesel, Boston, Massachusetts

2:13 pm

Is this Boston's version of Paris Bridge's love locks? Except instead of throwing your key in the river you just throw them at the trains below?

2:24 pm

Checked in at Bodega, Boston, Massachusetts

2:32 pm

This is a streetwear store in disguise

2:57 pm

Checked in at The Old North Church, Boston, Massachusetts

3:00 pm

A carved angel at the Old North Church

3:07 pm

Five Point crowns hanging over Hanover street in Boston

3:14 pm

Checked in at Gelateria & Cannoli Factory, Boston, Massachusetts

3:45 pm

If you live in Des Moines, don't be a dummy. Go support @8035 tonight... Go to Run the Jewels and tell me what I'm missing. 😭

3:48 pm

Checked in at Whole Foods Market, Cambridge, Massachusetts

4:11 pm

Checked in at 277 Broadway, Cambridge, Massachusetts

6:17 pm

Look at how mean Old Tom is

7:39 pm

Send snaps to: derek.broox
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8:42 pm

Went to bed

9:06 pm

Fell asleep