Saturday, July 4, 2015

I slept 7.73 hours, checked in to 1 place, took 66 photos, wrote 1 microblog, and walked 4.53 miles. I was in Damariscotta, Bristol, and Bremen, Maine.

12:09 am

Went to bed

12:18 am

Fell asleep

8:21 am

Woke up after sleeping 7.73 hours

9:18 am

Checked in at Cottage #31, Damariscotta, Maine

10:23 am

Slammin a morning dewsk in my dewsk shorts

10:25 am

Gettin super extreme after slammin that dewski

10:31 am

This is how you wear a life jacket to chill in a lake

10:31 am

Life jacket diaper mode

10:31 am

James gettin in some cardio

10:54 am

The Hernandez family arrives

11:04 am

17 geese stroll by

12:23 pm


12:35 pm

Dick showin us some of the lobsters

12:48 pm

~40 2+ lb lobster are in this cooler

12:50 pm

Kari shows Mo a lobster

1:15 pm


1:29 pm

Plannin out a little relay race

1:29 pm

Crab walkin to the finish line

1:34 pm

Steve showing us how to hypnotize a lobster

1:35 pm

A hypnotized lobster

1:37 pm

Teresa and Roseanne

1:38 pm

Mo helpin us out

1:41 pm

Baggin clams

1:41 pm

Baggin clams

1:43 pm

Step 1 of steaming a bunch of seafood: water and seaweed

1:46 pm

1st layer of lobster

1:48 pm

Seaweed, lobster, seaweed, lobster

1:52 pm

Seaweed, lobster, seaweed, lobster, seaweed, veggies

1:52 pm

Seaweed, lobster, seaweed, lobster, seaweed, veggies, seaweed

1:54 pm

Seaweed, lobster, seaweed, lobster, seaweed, veggies, seaweed, clams

1:54 pm

Seaweed, lobster, seaweed, lobster, seaweed, veggies, seaweed, clams, seaweed, eggs, seaweed. The eggs are a failsafe timer. Once the eggs are cooked, everything else is cooked

1:57 pm

Sealin up the seafood steamer

1:58 pm

Sealin up the seafood steamer

2:00 pm

Lightin the grill

2:25 pm

Donna and Linda

2:25 pm


2:28 pm


2:30 pm

Afternoon jello shots?

3:05 pm

Checkin the egg timer

3:07 pm

In Iowa, this would be the main event... but next to that lobster grill, it wasn't very exciting

3:15 pm

Pullin the food off the grill

3:16 pm

Pullin lobsters off

3:19 pm

Pullin lobsters off the grill

3:24 pm

Lobsters for everyone!

3:27 pm

Fresh grilled lobster

3:29 pm

3:29 pm

This is how you grill out on the 4th of July

3:52 pm

Kari is trying to figure out wtf to do

4:41 pm


4:41 pm


4:48 pm

Stand up paddling

4:51 pm

Playin on the water

7:16 pm

Makin ice cream!

7:16 pm

Billy, Lynda, and Danny

7:18 pm

Some Iowa girls

7:21 pm

Relaxin by the lake

7:36 pm

Chillin by the lake

7:49 pm

Gatherin firewood

8:05 pm

Manuel and James tryin to pull in some fish

8:17 pm

Kyle and Ashley comin in from kayaking

8:18 pm


9:24 pm

Playin with glow things

9:28 pm

Mo and Elias

9:31 pm

Hangin out around the fire

9:50 pm

Tucker with the glow headband

9:54 pm

JR in a tree

9:54 pm

Hangin out with Belle

10:00 pm

Have some nightcrawlahs!

10:00 pm

Belle chokes down a night crawler

10:15 pm

Hangin out in the cabin

11:47 pm

The lobster bake we had today was absolutely obscene... 40 lobsters. Photos soon. Happy 4th y'all!