Sunday, July 2, 2023

I slept 8.82 hours, checked in to 14 places, took 35 photos, and walked 4.21 miles. I was in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.

7:55 am

Woke up after sleeping 8.82 hours

9:25 am

Checked in at McDonald's, Town of Montville, Connecticut

9:32 am

Checked in at CVS pharmacy, Uncasville, Connecticut

10:35 am

Hazy drive into Newport

10:35 am

Driving into Newport

10:59 am

Checked in at Seasons Corner Market, Newport, Rhode Island

11:12 am

Checked in at Kings Park, Newport, Rhode Island

11:13 am

Newport bridge from the harbor

11:13 am

Is that a google ship?

11:15 am

This dude just went underwater and grabbed this crab

11:15 am

Seagull with a crab

11:16 am

Kari reacting to the seagull eating the crab

11:17 am

Dude flew right over by us to eat this thing

11:18 am

Pecked through the shell and eatin the guts

11:19 am

Guts: eaten

11:21 am

I'm a big fan of his game

12:03 pm

Checked in at The Breakers, Newport, Rhode Island

12:04 pm

The cliff walk

12:06 pm

The breakers mansion

12:07 pm

Havin a look at the ocean

12:08 pm

Walkin along the cliff walk

12:09 pm

Why is the ocean so damned calming?

12:19 pm

Checked in at Gatehouse - Salve Regina, Newport, Rhode Island

12:37 pm

Checked in at Easton Beach Snack Bar, Newport, Rhode Island

12:39 pm

Easton's Beach

12:43 pm

Segulls will take your food!

12:45 pm

Seemed like a good opportunity for another lobster roll... Chilled, but still great.

12:49 pm

And some clam chowder for the windy day

12:54 pm

Entering Seagull attack zone

1:00 pm

Very windy

1:05 pm

Easton's Beach

1:07 pm

A bit windy out here

2:49 pm

Checked in at Moxy Boston Downtown, Boston, Massachusetts

2:51 pm

Arrived @ the moxy in Boston

3:05 pm

S-Curves under the Boston channel

3:13 pm

Checked in at Shell, Boston, Massachusetts

3:20 pm

Checked in at Avis Car Rental, Boston, Massachusetts

3:55 pm

Checked in at Moxy Boston Downtown, Boston, Massachusetts

5:40 pm

Checked in at Bar Moxy, Boston, Massachusetts

5:42 pm

A Japanese restaurant, as seen from the Moxy lounge

6:11 pm


6:22 pm

Boston Ivy

6:26 pm

Checked in at Picco, Boston, Massachusetts

6:57 pm

Pizza Boy!

7:50 pm

Picco ice cream

8:11 pm

Must protect this beautiful landscape

8:24 pm

This selfie booth at the Moxy just had a holder for your cell phone, lol

8:51 pm

Looking down from the hotel room

8:52 pm

Hazy Boston views from the hotel room

9:31 pm

Checked in at Moxy Boston Downtown, Boston, Massachusetts

9:32 pm

Fell asleep