Tuesday, July 4, 2023

I slept 9.17 hours, checked in to 11 places, took 22 photos, wrote 4 microblogs, and walked 6.94 miles. I was in Boston, Massachusetts.

8:56 am

Woke up after sleeping 9.17 hours

9:18 am

Checked in at CVS Pharmacy, Boston, Massachusetts

9:29 am

Checked in at Moxy Boston Downtown, Boston, Massachusetts

11:34 am


11:40 am

Checked in at Fenway Park, Boston, Massachusetts

12:00 pm

From back when they were the Boston Red Condoms

12:08 pm

Back at Fenway

12:28 pm

National Anthem at Fenway on the Fourth

12:32 pm

Italian Sausages @ Fenway

12:38 pm

This is America.
Don't catch you slippin' now.

12:43 pm

Dude got a pretty rad double off of this pitch

12:57 pm

Belly Itcher

2:44 pm

Trying to manage this wet field

2:53 pm

Glad to be under the awning during this downpour

2:57 pm

They played Ludacris - Roll Out for this, hah

2:58 pm

Pullin out the tarp

3:28 pm

Poncho time

3:41 pm

Checked in at Trillium Fenway, Boston, Massachusetts

3:42 pm

Popped into Trillium tap room for a beer after the game

4:19 pm

Checked in at MBTA Fenway Station, Boston, Massachusetts

4:19 pm

Red Sox

4:20 pm

Red Sox

4:41 pm

Checked in at Moxy Boston Downtown, Boston, Massachusetts

4:51 pm

Almost every person that @kbroox and I have interacted with in New England has commented on our tattoos... and I’ve started to notice that there are hardly any other people with tattoos in this part of the country. Preppy ass weirdos.

5:50 pm

Checked in at Tora Ramen, Boston, Massachusetts

6:01 pm

Dinner at a tiny ramen spot in Chinatown

6:33 pm

boston - 70

6:34 pm

Gravestones in Boston Common

6:36 pm

Checked in at Boston Common, Boston, Massachusetts

6:44 pm

Fade away

7:27 pm

After waiting here an hour and moving maybe 100 feet, we decided to give up. Getting back out seemed like it was going to be a nightmare

7:50 pm

Checked in at The Lagoon, Boston, Massachusetts

8:25 pm

There are TOO MANY people at the Boston Pops fireworks.

8:46 pm

Checked in at Soldiers and Sailors Monument, Boston, Massachusetts

8:51 pm

@harper @kbroox TIL tattooing was actually illegal in MA until 2001

9:38 pm

This is pretty much the only Boston Pops firework we saw, lol

9:51 pm

Checked in at Moxy Boston Downtown, Boston, Massachusetts

10:09 pm

Pretty hard to see fireworks through this fog n smoke

11:31 pm

Fell asleep